How to style your living room with Contemporary Furniture Designs?

style your living room with Contemporary Furniture Designs

Living Room is not just a room. It is a place that enlightens your entire house by transforming it into a home by bringing family members together in one place.

Living Room adds a charismatic aroma and mesmerizing ambience, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Having captivating, elegant, & imperial design furniture in the Living Room adds an enthralling vibe to the entire setup.

At 44 Wood, we take pride in manufacturing top-notch quality wooden furniture with striking textures and stunning designs for the Living Room, including TV Cabinets, Dining tables, and Coffee tables. We have the best Wooden Furniture Designers in-house who leave no stone unturned to deliver premier quality output, turning your vision into reality.

In 2023, contemporary furniture adds an elegant, chic, and & imperial touch to your Living room. If you have moved into a new home or are looking to renovate/refurbish your current home, you must opt for modern wooden furniture to add an alluring touch.

In this blog, we will walk you through how to style your living room with contemporary furniture.

Ways to style your living room with Contemporary Furniture

Wooden TV Units

Just like a bedroom is incomplete without Wardrobe, Kitchen is incomplete without Kitchen Cabinets; similarly, a living room is incomplete without TV Cabinets.

Having striking textures, stunning designs, and exquisitely crafted Wooden TV Units adds an astounding and spectacular look to your living room.

Contemporary style furniture has a sleek design, splendid finishing, and velvet-like touch that gives you an enthralling experience and a radiant ambience to your living room.

Opt for an L-Shaped or U-Shaped Wooden TV unit and give a luxurious & sassy look to your living room. ()

At 44 Wood, we sell Modern-day style Wooden TV Units, and you can customize them according to your requirements by booking a free project consultation.

Wooden Dining Tables

In this rapid-pace life, we often forget to pay attention to the Dining Table and furniture in our room. But, with contemporary Wooden Dining Tables, not a single person will go without noticing it and praising it for its royal wooden finishing, enchanting designs, and lustrous wooden textures.

Contemporary-style Wooden Dining Tables are renowned for their bold colours, compact tables, sleek sideboard, natural wood for a rustic & sophisticated look, electric styles and art, and free-standing for space saving.

You can do gala brunches and dinners, mesmerizing family dinners, and candlelight dinners with your love. Contemporary Wooden Dining Tables get along well for all occasions.

At 44 Wood, we sell contemporary style Wooden Dining Tables that you can shop online with rustic and classic wooden textures or customize them according to the bold colours and sleek sideboard of your choice.

Wooden Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables are the centerpiece of attention for any living room. They complete the living room by filling in the space between sofa sets.

In 2023, opting for Contemporary Wooden Coffee Tables is one of the wisest decisions. Contemporary-style Wooden Coffee Tables incorporate stylish storage, allowing you to store books, magazines, and newspapers.

Its chocolaty brown colour top surface blends exceptionally well for keeping a vase, bowl full of pebbles, and antique and ends up adding a fascinating look to your Living Room setup.

At 44 Wood, we sell contemporary Wooden Coffee Tables with winter mood palette textures, chocolaty brown top surface, classic grandfather-era wooden textures, and more that you can shop online and customize according to your tastes & preferences.

A mini-workstation

Post covid-19 hit in 2020, work-from-home culture has grown exponentially, and people prefer working from home even after offices are re-opened.

Contemporary Wooden Desks allow you to have a personal workstation at home where you can simultaneously work and do other tasks. People are keeping workstation desks in the living room to occupy the vacant area in the corner.

Contemporary-style wooden workstation desks include L-shaped desks with cabinets and drawers to store files, documents, stationery, & important stuff. (Read our other blog on the Benefits of using an L-Shaped Desk for your reference.)

If you have a smaller space vacant in your living room, you have multiple small-size contemporary-style desks to opt from: a lap desk, trestle desk, carrel desk, corner desk, murphy desk, and wave desk. (Refer to our other blog on 34 types of desks for your buying guide.)

At 44 Wood, we sell sleek designs and striking wooden textured desks that are exquisitely crafted for workstations and give you a professional feel while working from home. You can shop online or customize the Workstation Desks according to your requirement and vacant space in the living room.


After going through the blog, you will have clarity on the contemporary furniture designs for your living room and which one to go for your TV Cabinets, Dining Table, Coffee Table, and Workstation Desk. You can even opt for Side Table to keep aside Sofa Set for keeping & storing items.

However, if you have any questions regarding which style, design, and texture to opt for, contact us, and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

You can shop online from our readymade collection or customize the living room wooden furniture by booking a free project consultation. We are available via call at +233592221787 or email at info@44wood.com.

Check our other blog 6 Wooden Furniture Trends in 2023 for buying guide for your Living Room Furniture.

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