Benefits of using an L-Shaped Desk

Benefits of using an L-Shaped Desk

Whether working from the office or home, L-Shaped Desks have been one of the most productive & used desks for working. L-Shaped Desks are preferred over traditional desks because of their perfect space that helps you keep office stuff organized and ample working space.

With Traditional Desks, it becomes difficult to reach both ends of the desk surface, and because of that, people keep different kinds of stuff near them, making it a cluttered workspace.

L-Shaped Desks help you optimally utilize the entire space, and you can conveniently reach both the end surfaces of the desks. L-Shaped Desks are the best option for people with shorter arms as they can quickly grab stuff from both ends.

If you are working from the home post-pandemic hit in 2020, it is the best option to get an L-Shaped Desk that adds classy, professional, flair, & precision vibes to your home workspace.

L-Shaped Desk allows you to have a dedicated workstation in your home where you can work without interruption and enjoy efficiency, productivity, & prolificacy in your work. You can give time to your children.

E.g., on one surface, you can do your office work, and on the other, you can help your kids with homework. L-Shaped Desks allow you optimally utilize both surfaces of the Desk. The L-Shaped Desk is spacious & ergonomic in design, with ample surface space, storage options, and the comfort of transforming the home into an office.

In this blog, we will walk you through the benefits of L-Shaped Desks that will make them your first preference for buying a desk.

Benefits of L-Shaped Desks

1. Increases your office working space

We all would love to have an efficient & comfy working space. An L-Shaped Desk is the most spacious & comfortable desk option for a workstation.

Whether you have a limited (small) space in the room or looking to optimize a vacant floor area in your room, a corner-standing L-Shaped Desk fits perfectly, making your room look enchanting & flair vibes.

You can use one surface for working & another surface for keeping pieces of stuff, such as notebooks, sketch pads, files, and coffee mugs.

If you work on two large desktops (two-screen desktops), then L-Shaped Desks are the best option for you as it has two surfaces that allow you to optimally utilize both screens of the desktop without cluttering or making the desk (workstation) look congested.

You can do multi-tasking as well. E.g., you can use one surface for a meeting on your iPad and another for working on your desktop/laptop, helping you boost your productivity.

2. Excellent Ergonomics

Traditional Desks are still manufactured as per mouse position, leading to inconvenience in not having proper elbow support.

L-Shaped overcomes this challenge, allowing excellent elbow support; whether lefty or righty, you have your mouse positioned at excellent elbow support.

L-Shaped Desks are ergonomic, which helps fix bad posture, and you can reach different zones (surfaces) of the desks without stretching yourself (forearm & body), which creates chances of back & shoulder strain.

An L-Shaped desk is designed with a neutral reach zone so you can comfortably & conveniently reach on both ends, and your upper arms rest naturally.

At 44Wood, our L-Shaped Desks are designed as per your height reach and convenience to fulfill your workspace requirements & demands.

3. Cost-Effective Desk

People have a misconception that L-Shaped Desks are more costly than two standard rectangular standing desks. In reality, L-Shaped Desks are the most cost-effective desks offering you two surfaces for working.

L-Shaped desks are a cost-effective solution in small offices and rooms, allowing you to optimally organize your space instead of investing in a bigger working space.

L-Shaped desks maximize your work efficiency and offer you comfort & ample working space at less price than a traditional rectangular desk.

L-Shaped Desks allow you versatility as you can optimize them horizontally & vertically. Buying Wooden L-Shaped Desks offers you remarkable durability.

At 44Wood, we sell one of the best durable Wooden L-Shaped desks in Accra, Ghana, making every penny of your investment worthwhile.

4. Ideal Desk for Gaming

If you are a gamer who loves to spend leisure time post work playing games, then L-Shaped Desks are the best option.

You can utilize one surface for your workstation & another for setting up a gaming screen, with snacks on the left and a console to the right.

As L-Shaped Desks have exceptional ergonomics, you won’t feel fatigued while playing the game, and they prevent muscle strain.

5. Professional Appearance

When you are working from home, there are higher chances of attending a meeting with the client or office colleagues & managers. Hence, it is vital to make your home workstation look professional.

The L-Shaped Desk’s classy & sophisticated appearance gives you a professional & flair working space at your home. L-Shaped Desks help you in keeping things organized & manageable.

A tidy & organized workstation exhibits your professional working attitude even working at home from a remote area and reflects your confidence in meetings.

6. Comprehensive Storage Solution

While working from home or in the office, the Desk is filled with multiple things, such as a printer, cables, CPU, keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet, files, documents, books, ledgers, invoices, and more.

A traditional desk makes it look messy & cluttered, reducing your productivity morale & increases your eye strain in finding the items on the Desk.

The L-Shaped Desk has two surfaces & in-built cabinets make you keep your workstation organized & in proper shape.

You can utilize cabinets for storing files, documents, books, & ledgers. You can keep essential invoices, notes, & bills in drawers. You can keep the CPU on one surface & desktop on another to make your workspace look airy, spacious, & comfortable.

The L-Shaped Desk gives you a sense of a closed & cosy working space without any existing walls. It allows you to create your natural private cube and avoid distractions from your surroundings.


After reading the benefits, you must be thinking of purchasing an L-Shaped Desk to boost your working productivity, efficiency, and prolificacy. 44Wood has an exquisite range of office desks, and we are your comprehensive office furniture solutions.

We sell the best Wooden Office Furniture & Wooden Office Desks in Accra, Ghana. You can shop our wooden desks online and get wooden desks customized as per your requirements & demands by booking a free project consultation with us.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

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