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Spectacular & Captivating Pharmacy Shelves with a phenomenal storage capacity

44 Wood is one of the top 10 wooden pharmacy shelves manufacturers in Ghana. We have been the pioneers in wooden pharmacy shelves design for over a decade, serving 1000+ pharmacy stores across Ghana with exquisite & prime-quality pharmacy shelves.

44 Wood is one of the best pharmacy shelves manufacturers in Accra. We have the best wooden pharmacy shelves designer in Ghana, who customises & personalises woodwork designs as per clients’ requirements.

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Our Range of Pharmacy Shelves

44 Wood is one of the leading wooden pharmacy shelves manufacturers in Accra. We offer a wide range of pharmacy shelves and customise the shapes, sizes, and styles depending on how much storage you need for racking different products.

Our pharmacy shelves range includes the following:

We customise many other ranges of wooden retail display shelves as per your showroom products requirements.

Inventory Management

Through the Wooden Pharmacy Shelves customisation option, you can customise shelves as per your storage requirements & make the optimum utilisation of shelves for efficient Inventory Management & reducing operating costs.


The Wooden Pharmacy Shelves customisation option allows you to buy one shelf over multiple shelves, helping you save costs and time as products will be kept on one shelf instead of numerous.

Storage Space

By opting for built-in pharmacy shelves & racks, you can save adequate space for the movement of people and make the space look organised & big, and easy accessibility by taking off & putting products on shelves & racks.

Why choose 44 Wood for pharmacy shelves?

44 Wood is one of the leading wooden pharmacy shelves manufacturers in Ghana. We have deployed a world-class infrastructure in Ghana to manufacture robust strength pharmacy shelves to keep pharmacy products secured & in a tamper-proof manner.

44 Wood is one of the top wooden pharmacy shelves manufacturers in Accra. And to stay embarked on this benchmark, we have deployed the most advanced technology in Ghana through which our designing team customises personalising pharmacy store rack design in real-time as per clients’ storage requirements and serve them what they are looking for.

44 Wood is one of the top manufacturers of pharmacy racks in Accra. We offer supreme & pre-eminent quality pharmacy store fixtures We procure our raw materials from UK’s leading global manufacturer EGGER and European’s top furniture fittings & accessories company, BLUM.

All our wooden pharmacy shelves are manufactured using MFC (melamine-faced chipboard wood) for the prevention of scratches & other sensitive factors like moisture, spill, & stain.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are the best woodwork creation that adds a spectacular visual to your kitchen, giving it an enticing & magnificent look. Wooden Kitchen Cabinets offer numerous advantages in the long run and let us walk you through the crucial advantages of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets.

Easy to Maintain

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are pretty simpler to clean & maintain. You can easily clean stains, removes dust & dirt, and polish them without losing their original quality. 44 Wood is one of the best kitchen cabinets manufacturers in Accra; our kitchen cabinets are moisture-resistant, spill-resistant, and stain-resistant, and they will retain their original quality & shine for a longer duration.


Wooden Kitchen Cabinets don’t impact the environment, unlike petroleum composition cabinets. Wood is a naturally renewable resource that can be used as a biofuel for the best recyclability. At 44Wood, all our wooden kitchen cabinets are manufactured using chemical-free raw materials and have no impact on the environment. Our wooden kitchen cabinets are eco-friendly & consume lesser fossil fuel energy.


Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are renowned for their everlasting durability & strength, being highly resistant to wear & tear, unlike other kitchen cabinets. They are easy to repair. At 44 Wood, all our wooden kitchen cabinets are manufactured using scratch-resistant MFC (melamine-faced chipboard wood) for prevention from scratches being developed on the principal areas & edges, thereby keeping the radiant look lasting for a longer duration.

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If you are looking for pharmacy shelves manufacturers in Accra, 44 Wood is your one-stop solution. Contact us for the best quotation for wooden pharmacy shelves in Accra.


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