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Premier Quality & Striking Designs Showroom Furniture in Ghana

44 Wood is one of the top 10 showroom furniture company in Ghana. We have been the pioneers of wooden furniture for showrooms for over a decade.

44 Wood is one the best showroom furniture manufacturers in Accra. We offer a wide range of customised showroom shelves in different shapes & sizes & customised showroom billing counter tables & reception desk as per your requirements & needs.

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Our Range of Showroom Furniture

44 Wood is one of the best showroom furniture manufacturers in Ghana. We offer an extensive variety of wooden showroom furniture customised as per your showroom requirements & needs. Our showroom furniture range includes the following:

We customise many other ranges of wooden retail display shelves as per your showroom products requirements.

Advantages of buying Showroom Furniture from 44 Wood

44 Wood is one of the leading showroom furniture manufacturers in Ghana. All our wooden showroom furniture has long-lasting durability, is easy to maintain, is moisture-resistant, environment-friendly & recyclable, is visually eye-catching, and has many more benefits in the long run. Let us walk you through some key advantages of buying wooden showroom furniture from us.


Usually, in a showroom, when the product is taken off the shelves swiftly, it might lead to scratches and spoil the shine & beauty of the shelves. Even at the counter desk, there are higher chances of scratches.

44Wood, all wooden showroom furniture is scratch-resistant as they are manufactured using MFC (melamine-faced chipboard wood) to prevent scratches for long-last durability and radiant polish in the long run.

Phenomenal Quality

44 Wood is one of the top 10 showroom furniture company in Accra. The primary reason behind this is our remarkable & exceptional quality. To achieve this benchmark, we procure our raw materials from the UK’s leading global manufacturer, EGGER. Our furniture fittings & accessories are procured from European’s leading company BLUM.

Infrastructure & Technology

44 Wood is one of the leading showroom furniture manufacturers in Accra. And to attain this benchmark & continue on it, we have deployed a world-class infrastructure to manufacture a large number of bulk orders and deliver them on time across Ghana.

We are renowned for our customisation designs as per the client’s requirements. We have the best wooden showroom furniture designers in Ghana who utilises our most advanced technology in personalising the woodwork in real-time to help clients convert their vision into reality.


44 Wood has one of the best wooden showroom furniture installation teams in Ghana. Our wooden showroom furniture installation team is proficient & competent, possessing tremendous experience in successfully installing wooden showroom furniture in 1000+ showrooms across Ghana

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