Kitchen Cabinets Trends in 2024

Kitchen Cabinets Trends in 2024
Last Updated: March 5, 2o24

Kitchen Cabinets have been preferred to a massive extent in the last two years, and in 2024, the sales of Kitchen Cabinets are going to rise tremendously. In 2024, the Kitchen Cabinets’ market value will touch 150 billion USD.

In 2024, there will be new Kitchen Cabinet trends that are going to create a massive buzz in the market. In this blog, we will walk you through the Kitchen Cabinets trends which will make a solid mark in 2024.

Kitchen Cabinets Trends for 2024

Comeback of Vintage Designs

In 2022, we saw a steady rise in customers shifting their preference toward Vintage designs. In 2024, Vintage designs, textures, & finishing Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are going to be in the top 3 trends as a vast number of customers will purchase vintage look kitchen cabinets.

At 44Wood, we have classic, timeless, & vintage textures of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets. You can get them customized as per your requirements & build your dream kitchen cabinets with us by booking a free project consultation.

Matte Black & Mystic Black Textures

Black has always been a color that customers have looked forward to because of its classy, enticing, & mesmerizing layers & touch. In 2024, Black layers of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets will be customers’ top buying preference.

Matte Black color mobile phones are being sold massively across the globe because of their finishing and enthralling look. Mystic Black color is preferred by 5 out of 10 customers buying outfits.

In Kitchen Cabinets, the layers of black color will add a stunning & imperial look to your Kitchen, giving it a modernized look.

At 44Wood, we have majestic textures of black that you can select from for your Kitchen Cabinets.

Vanilla & Snowy White

Plain White has often been regarded as dull color. However, over the years, designers have experimented with White by manufacturing Wooden Kitchen Cabinets with Snowy White, Vanilla White, & White Mood Palette colors. These layers of White make the wooden textures rich and creamy, & give a royal feel.

Just a tinge of experiment with White color can turn it into a captivating color and add a charismatic aroma to your Kitchen.

In 2024, the layers of White will be in trend in Kitchen Cabinet textures. They give a refreshing feel to your interior and add a radiant to your Kitchen.

At 44Wood, we have different white textures of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, and you can check them out online.

Two-Toned Cabinets

Single Tone Cabinet looks attractive & has been the foremost preference of the customers. However, two-tone colors have risen sharply in the last 5 years, be it a car or wooden furniture. People prefer two-tone colors in Cars and Wooden Kitchen Cabinets.

The two-tone color combination makes a stunning contrast pair, e.g., Black & White, White areas & chocolate brown surface, Grey areas & classic forest wooden color surface, & more such combinations.

The two-tone kitchen cabinets are a majestic & opulent vibing to your kitchen, making your kitchen look plush. In 2024, the two-toned kitchen cabinets will be one of the top buying preferences of customers.

At 44Wood, we have two-toned wooden kitchen cabinets, and you can get the color contrast customized as per your kitchen walls color so that Kitchen Cabinets blend well with the walls.

Bold Colors

Bold colors have often been considered to add a dark ambience to the room and have been avoided. People prefer brighter colors that make the room feel airy & spacious.

However, over the years, consumers’ tastes have changed, and bold colors are coming into the market again. Bold colors like Forest Red, Matte Black, Canary Yellow, Tangerine Orange, & Lime Green have been consumers’ top color preferences in Kitchen Cabinets.

In 2024, Bold Colors will be in the Kitchen Cabinets trend. Bold Colors have been preferred in recent years as people want a cosy ambience & bold colors give personal space vibes.

At 44Wood, we manufacture Wooden Kitchen Cabinets with bold color textures & finishing. You can shop online from our existing collection or get a customized Kitchen Cabinet as per your color preference.

Warm Color Accents

Warm color accents have often in trend and are renowned for their airy, spacious, comfortable, & relaxed nature. Blending any warm color with different textures is a striking color combination. Warm colors like beige, creamy, gold & brown add enchanting aromas to every Kitchen space.

We recommend going for a Kitchen Cabinet with painted classic wood and traditional handles in copper or gold finishing to add a mixture of vintage & modernized look to your Kitchen. This combination amalgamates exceptionally well with copper utensils, chairs, & pendants.

In 2024, opt for a warm color accent Wooden Kitchen Cabinets to give your Kitchen a regal & modernized look.

Natural Finishing

The Natural Wood Finishing Kitchen Cabinets were in trend in 2022 and will continue to remain in trend in 2024. The warm, pleasant, & rustic Kitchen Cabinets create a fascinating ambience in the Kitchen.

Natural finishing wood has an aroma of fresh forest wood, grandfather-era wooden furniture textures, & a rich aristocratic touch that enlightens your Kitchen.

At 44Wood, we sell the finest quality wooden kitchen cabinets meticulously crafted by the best wooden furniture designers in Accra, Ghana, with an exceptional natural wooden finish. Check out our Wooden Kitchen Cabinets online.

Dark Stained Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Staining Wooden Cabinetry in the kitchen wasn’t in trend when it came into the market. However, over the years, people have realized the importance of how a simple work of art (staining) can add a stunning look to the Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, making it look aesthetically touching.

In 2024, Dark Stained Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are returning in trend. Staining the Wooden Kitchen Cabinet will help you amalgamate your kitchen furniture, walls, & flooring with the cabinets.

At 44Wood, we sell Dark Stained Wooden Kitchen Cabinets. e.g., white areas & dark chocolate staining surface or white areas & black staining surface. You can get the staining customized as per your requirements & kitchen setup.


2024 will see the return of many kitchen trends due to people’s changes in tastes & preferences. 44Wood has multiple types of colors, textures, & finishes that are readymade, which you can shop online. You can get them customized as per your requirements.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding any trends or looking to book a free project consultation for your wooden kitchen cabinets. You can walk-in into our showroom to check out our wooden furniture at Dzorwulu, Odotei Tsui Street, Accra, Ghana.

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