Tips for Effectively Utilizing Gondola Shelving for your Pharmacy Store

Tips for Effectively Utilizing Gondola Shelving for your Store

Gondola Shelving is one of the prominent & most found display shelving in retail environments, especially in pharmacy stores & retail outlets. Gondola Shelving is replacing the old display shelving because of its attractive shelves & convenient storage options.

Gondola Shelving is a free-standing & double-sided unit that doesn’t need to be fitted into the wall and simultaneously maximizes your floor area. The design has been made keeping the customers’ convenience in mind and increased display of products in the store.

Gondola Shelving is the perfect Shelving option for those retailers who don’t wish to spend higher money on retail shelving solutions.

Many stores don’t utilize Gondola Shelving to its best, and some still use old shelving design systems. In this blog, we will walk you through the types of Gondola Shelving, the advantages of Gondola Shelving & how to utilize them properly.

Types of Gondola Shelving

There are three primary types of Gondola Shelving:

Mesh Shelving

Mesh Shelving has a wall & is made up of a Mesh Grid Panel. They are smooth & anti-rust. It is a cost-effective Shelving unit for retailers, providing resistance from dirt, corrosion, weather, temperature, & other natural contamination.

Pegboard Shelving

Pegboard Shelving is one of the most versatile Shelving units. It has a wall perforated with innumerable small holes & brackets for shelves.

Its pegboard design makes it perfect for the hang-sell display of items to allure customers by using pegs & hooks. The capacity is around 60 kg. It is the ideal option for Pharmacy Stores Shelving Solutions.

Slatwall Shelving

Slatwall Shelving is the most traditional type of Gondola Shelving. It has horizontal slat walls with shelves, pegboard hooks, brackets, & other accessories.

Slatwall Shelving can be kept as free-standing or stacked end-to-end, depending on the retailer’s requirement.

Advantages of Gondola Shelving

Saves Space

Gondola Shelving units allow inventory to be arranged on vertical shelving on two sides, which helps in saving storage space.

Due to free-standing units & vertical stacking create a sufficient passage for products & consume minimum space, allowing retailers to display a wide range of items in the limited space.


Gondola Shelving units are lower in cost than other types of shelving. They are the best shelving option in the long run due to low maintenance costs & robust design.

Due to more storage space, you can display more products on the units to earn higher revenue. Due to easy assembly, you can save the heavy installation & fittings costs.

Easy to Assemble

Gondola Shelving is easy & quick to assemble. You don’t need a professional installation team for wall mounting as no tricky steps are involved, and all shelving units are easily adjustable.

You can set up the Shelving unit from your end by reading the manufacturer’s installation manual at your convenience and save money on installation & fitting costs.

Flexible Display Shelving

Gondola Shelving units are flexible, and you can move them around your pharmacy store as per your requirements. They fit conveniently to various heights & depths. You can get Gondola Shelving sizes & types customized as per your requirements & demands.

It is the best shelving option as retailers don’t have to rearrange the products as per the consumer’s demand. Retailers can quickly move the Gondola Shelving units to display the products in demand and dead stock. Gondola Shelving is durable and can support up to 150 kg of loads.

Tips for utilizing Gondola Shelving

Our team has formulated tips for effectively utilizing Gondola Shelving. We recommend using the following tips for optimal utilization of Gondola Shelving.

Planning & Design Consultation

The first & foremost step in optimally utilizing Gondola Shelving is Planning & Design Consultation.

The Wooden Furniture Sales Representative will understand your requirements & needs, and accordingly, Wooden Shelving Designer will formulate Gondola Shelving Design for your store.

Ensure sharing all crucial information with the designers regarding flooring, dimensions, & products that need to be stored. It will help in designing the perfect Gondola Shelving.

At 44Wood, we offer free Project Consultation for Shelving Units. Visit our website to book your free Project Consultation and get the perfect Shelving Storage Solutions for your store.

Inventory Management

Calculation of Inventory is a must for Gondola Shelving Designing & Utilization. You must assess your inventory for correct shelving.

Many retailers make the mistake of ignoring the inventory calculation, which leads to incorrect shelving & poorly stacked products.

Congested & scattered stock shelving makes a substandard impression in customers’ minds, as they will find it difficult to search for what they need.

Hence, it is vital to calculate your inventory and accordingly get your Gondola Shelves designed by the Wooden Furniture Manufacturer.

Maximizing your End Caps

Many users have a common complaint that Gondola Shelving is inflexible & even resetting a planogram on Gondola Shelving is challenging.

The most ingenious solution to this shortcoming faced by retailers is proper planning & getting shelving design customized by the manufacturer.

Another effective solution is End Caps. End Caps are primarily used for displaying promotional & top-selling items and driving the immediate attention of the customers. Frequent rotation of products on End Caps ensures that your dead stock gets sold too.

Foster Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising has been an exceptional practice in the retail industry practiced by a vast number of retailers.

It aims to optimize the presentation of products & items and highlight their features & benefits to allure customers’ attention and persuade them to purchase.

Using this concept on Gondola Shelving by playing with colors, appropriate lighting, graphics, and similar elements will help in reaching products instantly to the customers and enhance their shopping experience.


Gondola Shelving is the backbone of numerous retail stores. They are the one-size fit solution for shelving units if utilized to their best, and we recommend using the tips we mentioned in the blog for inventory management & drive higher revenues. Gondola Shelving is versatile and can be used in different store setups, such as pharmacy stores, hardware stores, pet stores, grocery stores, chemist stores, gas station stores, supermarkets, automotive stores, and more.

Though gondola shelving units are easy to assemble, 44Wood provides free installation & fitting by our proficient installation team on the purchase of Wooden Pharmacy Shelves from us to ensure the shelves are properly fitted, and you don’t face any inconvenience.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Gondola Shelving & to book a free project consultation for Gondola Shelving & other types of shelving units.

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