What are the Ideal Measurements for Buying a Wardrobe?

What are the Ideal measurements for buying a Wardrobe

Finding the visionary and dream design and texture Wardrobe is challenging. However, it becomes straightforward when you pick the prominent Wooden Furniture Manufacturer like 44 Wood, who has the best team of Wooden Furniture Designers in Accra, Ghana, to help you design your perfect & visionary Wooden Wardrobe.

However, the real challenge begins once you have selected the design and texture of the Wardrobe. Numerous buyers often need clarification in picking the Ideal measurements for buying a Wardrobe.

The core planning of buying a customized Wooden Wardrobe involves selecting hanging closets, shelves, and drawers for keeping clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes, and more.

A flawless and exemplary design of the Internal Layout of the Wardrobe makes your room organised for storage, leaves adequate space for moving, and ensures a clutter-free look in the Bedroom.

Before placing the order for Wardrobe, you must make a list of your requirements for the Wardrobe, such as the number of shelves, drawers, and hanging closers that you require according to your requirement and need.

Also, you need to decide the space required for each. All these will be incorporated into your customized Wooden Wardrobe by the Wooden Furniture Designer.

In this blog, we will walk you through the dimensions for different types of Wardrobes to help you select the ideal measurements for your Wardrobe.

Ideal Measurements for each type of Wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobes are one of the highest-selling types of Wardrobes.

Hinged Wardrobes have their front doors fixed with hinges, and the standard depth is 24 inches. Opt for a depth of around 20-22 inches if your room size is smaller.

The Hinged Wardrobe height should match the doors’ lintel level, and the ideal measurement is 84 inches. You can even create a full-height Hinged Wardrobe by utilizing space from floor to ceiling.

Note: To avoid load on the hinges, the door panel of a single-door or double-door Hinge Wardrobe should be within 24 inches in width.

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobes are one of the most preferred types of Wardrobes after Hinged Wardrobes. Sliding Wardrobes have front panels that slide on tracks. The ideal depth of Sliding Wardrobes should be 26 inches, including around two inches of running space for free movement of the sliding panels, preventing clothes from getting stuck within the panels.

The minimum length of a sliding door wardrobe from left to right should be at least 7 feet. It is the perfect length to accommodate two door panels of 3.5 feet each. It makes it easy to access them one at a time with the 3.5-foot wide opening of the Sliding Wardrobe.

Note: The width of each panel should be at most 4 feet for the plain sailing slide and opening of the panel.

Walk-in Closet

Walk-in Closets are renowned for giving a celebrity feel, adding a plush & opulent look to the bedroom. In Walk-in Closet, if the wardrobes are on opposite sides, ensure a clearance of around 54-60 inches between them so that even if one door is open, there is adequate space for people’s movement.

However, if the wardrobe is only on one side, ensure a minimum of three feet of clearance in front of the wardrobe to access it conveniently.

Note: Opt for the sliding panel wardrobes only when the walk-in closet is narrow for a space-saving solution.

Children’s Wardrobe

Children’s Wardrobe is a basic necessity to keep everything assembled and organized in one place. For the children’s Wardrobe, divide the vertical length into three sections of around 28 inches each for installing hangers. The three sections will make hanging clothes for kids and toddlers convenient.

We recommend opting for differently sized drawers of 6-15 inches for keeping children’s accessories, toys, books, and more.

Opt for open shelves that are a minimum of 12 inches apart for keeping folded clothes, towels, and shoes.

Women’s Wardrobe

Women’s Wardrobes are another basic necessity after children’s wardrobes. The vertical clearance for the Women’s Wardrobe should be around 66-72 inches for the hanger section. Ensure to adjust the height of it according to your requirement and height.

Opt for a smaller section of around 40 inches in height for hanging sarees or formal shirts.

Go for open shelves for keeping folded clothes and maintain a clearance of 12-15 inches between each shelf.

Men’s Wardrobe

Men’s Wardrobes have always been a primary requirement in every household for storing valuable items like cash and jewellery, warm clothes, regular clothing, and essential accessories.

For the Men’s Wardrobe, opt for two hanging rails by dividing the Wardrobe vertically into two equal sections for hanging formal and casual shirts. Ensure to keep the minimum height of each section at least 40 inches.

Maintain a minimum space of 3 inches between the hanging rails & wardrobe top to keep adequate space for removing & placing back the hangers. We recommend a dedicated section for keeping coats with a depth of 28-30 inches.

Shoe Shelves

Shoe Shelves are a vital requirement for every household. Opting for a built-in shoe shelf with the wardrobe is one of the wisest decisions.

For each shoe shelf, ensure 6-7 inches height for keeping high-heeling sandals, flat shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, flip flops, and more types of footwear.

For keeping long boots, opt for a section of around 18-20 inches in height. We recommend 15 inches depth for shoe cabinets.


After going through this blog, you will have sound clarity regarding the ideal measurement for different types of wardrobes. However, if you have questions or looking to buy wardrobes, don’t hesitate to contact 44 Wood. We are one of the leading Furniture Manufacturers in Accra, Ghana.

We sell an exquisite range of wardrobes that you can shop online or customize by booking a free project consultation.  Contact us via call at +233592221787 or email info@44wood.com.

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