Tips for Designing Your Customised Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

Tips for Designing Customised Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

Every Ghanaian has a Fashion Enthusiast inside them, which they exhibit by flaunting outfits, accessories, and various styling items. It becomes challenging to store these materials because of the lack of Wardrobe space.

With the introduction of walk-in and built-in wall Wardrobes, customers can efficiently store their attires, accessories, and styling items in an organised and systematic manner.

You can divide the Wardrobes into different sections and bifurcate your daily wear to casual, formal, party-wear, and trip clothes in each compartment to quickly access them. It is an ingenious life hack to keep your Wardrobe arrangement systematically.

In this blog, we will walk you through Master Tips from our highly talented & creative Wooden Wardrobe Designers in Accra, Ghana, to design your dream Walk-in Wooden Wardrobe and make your bedroom look lavish.

Factors to Consider for Designing Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe


The foremost thing you should consider while designing your Walk-in Wardrobe is determining the lighting you want to install on Wardrobe Interior and Exterior. It will help you find needed items inside the Wardrobe quickly.

Opting for a mirror on the outer surface & lighting above it will convert it into your personal styling assistant and selfie friend. You can go with accent or task lighting and blend with ambient lighting to add a plush look to your Wardrobe.

By illuminating the essential aspects through the mix of accent, task, and ambient lighting, you can make your bedroom look elegant and fill it with airy vibes, inspiring you to look confident while getting ready for the day.

Hanging Space

Walk-in Wardrobes are renowned for giving ample space for installing hanging rods and using them for storing shirts, trousers, and other outfits, making your Walk-in Wardrobe look perfectly organised.

As a rule of thumb, a Walk-in Wardrobe should have 48-inch hanging rods for each individual using the Wardrobe to ensure sufficient space to keep their outfits sorted on hanging rods. At 44 Wood, we customise Wooden Walk-in Wardrobes according to your requirements for hanging rods and height preference, systematically displaying your clothes.

Built-in Wall Walk-in Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

You can make your bedroom look prominent by opting for a built-in wall Walk-in Wardrobe with a sliding door. It means you will have ample space for passing and make the room look airy.

You can opt for a mixture of stunning Wooden Textures and transparent/translucent glass to make it look opulent and get a celebrity feel. You can choose high-end materials for the finishing touch, such as glass shelves and metal/chrome door handles to make it look upmarket & cleverly designed Wardrobe.

With the Walk-in Wardrobe built into the wall, you can customise it into an L-Shaped or Opposite facing, giving you comfort & convenience to access needed things at a glance. Incorporating these tips will elevate your bedroom look with luxurious vibes giving you a royal feel.

Centre Islands

One of the wisest things you should do with your Walk-in Wardrobe is add a Centre Island to make your room space look significant. We recommend opting for a glass element on the sides to display your outfits & accessories splendidly. With ample storage options, you can utilise it meticulously by using every section.

For instance, you can use drawers for keeping folded clothes in a neat & visually attractive manner. You can use the lower shelves for keeping shoes and footwear, the middle for jewellery, hats & grooming accessories, and the upper for handbags. Incorporating Centre Islands in your Walk-in Wardrobe Design will give you outstanding benefits.

Transform it as a Double Storage

Another tip we recommend is converting your Walk-in Wardrobe into a Double Storage solution by opting for an open shelving scheme. It is an innovative way to give a visually appealing look to your Wardrobe, enabling you to access required items at your fingertips. This tip will speed up your outfit & accessories selection process.

We suggest keeping a stepladder to pull out items from the upper shelves of the Walk-in Closet. You can install multiple mirrors, a dresser, a mini sofa, and lighting fixtures to transform it into a personal photoshoot studio.


After reading the blog, you will have fully comprehended the factors & tips to consider for designing your dream Walk-in Wardrobe. Implementing the recommendations we suggested in the blog will help you develop your ideal Walk-in Closet.

To summarise, you can opt for a centre island for storing shoes, handbags, hats, and other accessories, hanging rods for storage space for family members, adding vanity corner by adding a tiny sofa set and lighting fixtures, LEDs lighting inside Wardrobe to find the needed items quickly, and using various colour combinations to differentiate Wardrobe compartments.

However, if you have any questions or need more tips, feel free to contact us.

At 44 Wood, we design and manufacture customised Wooden Walk-in Wardrobes according to your requirements and preferences.

We provide a free project consultation, wherein Wooden Closet Designers in Accra, Ghana, will take measurements of your bedroom dimensions and comprehend wall colours, lighting, and other elements to craft a magnificent design for your customised Wooden Walk-in Closets.

Customise yours today by booking a free project consultation. You can shop online from our readymade collection. For any assistance, you can call us at +233 592221787 or email at

Refer to our other blog, “What are the Ideal Measurements for Buying a Wardrobe?” for your reference.

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