How to Select the Right Wooden Furniture Pieces for Your Kid’s Bedroom?

How to Select the Right Wooden Furniture for Kid's Bedroom

It is essential to invest in kid’s bedrooms by paying meticulous attention to storage spaces, furniture pieces, wall colors, lighting, and decor elements to ensure there is sufficient space for keeping their toys, clothes, books, and other items in an organized manner and make them feel connected with the bedroom.

Your kid’s bedroom is a place where they will be spending their entire childhood and making countless lifelong memories. Hence, you must thoughtfully select the interiors, keeping ongoing trends in mind to ensure maximum value for your investment.

In this blog, we will simplify your furniture pieces selection process by walking you through the necessary furniture items you must consider for your kid’s bedroom. We will also discuss tips for planning interior design.

What is the Purpose of a Kid’s Bedroom?

The primary purpose of a Kid’s Bedroom is to provide them with personal space for keeping their required things organized in one place. It will make them mature, responsible, and confident from a very young age, boosting their mental and emotional growth.

Also, they will have separate corners for studying and playing areas. They will learn how to optimally utilize every small space and keep the room clutter-free.

Necessary Furniture Pieces for Your Kid’s Bedroom

It is wiser to spend on required furniture rather than stacking with many items. We recommend considering the following furniture pieces while planning your kid’s bedroom interiors:

A Study Space

It is vital to provide your kids with a dedicated corner for the study area by spending in a wooden desk with cabinets, shelves, drawers, and cleverly designed storage spaces to keep books and educational materials.

A Wooden Study Desk is an intelligent investment as it is highly durable and doesn’t require an upgrade in a short period. You can worry-free use it for years and stay ahead of time.

A Wardrobe

The next thing you must invest in is a Wooden Wardrobe to ensure all your kid’s things are stored and organized in one place, from toys to clothes to footwear, medicines, and more. You have multiple design options for a functional wardrobe, such as a sliding door, one for space-saving, or a hinged one with low maintenance cost.

You can install them as a free-flowing piece of furniture by attaching them to the bed or study desk. It is wiser to go for joinery furniture for floating design and space-saving furniture solutions.

A Bed

Another vital furniture piece to invest in is your kid’s bed. It is best to choose wooden beds as they are customizable in shape, size, design, colors, and textures.

You can opt for an under-bed storage space to keep their large toys, blankets, and other items, which will be used less in a fortnight. Also, you can get side tables with drawers on bed corners to keep their nighttime reading books, a water bottle, a bedside lamp, an alarm clock, and other necessary items.

Window Bay Seater

Lastly, it is optional but handy to consider a window bay seater with an underneath customized storage space by installing drawers to keep their clothes, extra pillow sets, blankets, and other essentials. A window bay seater gives them a perfect space to sit and read books while enjoying the outside view.

It is important to teach kids about personal space for me-time at a young age. Hence, it is sagacious to give kids such a private area so they can comprehend personal space significance from childhood.

Tips to Consider While Planning your Kid’s Bedroom

The following are the tips you must consider while planning your Kid’s Bedroom:

  • It is tactical to invest in wooden furniture pieces as they are highly durable and offer extended lifespan. Also, it is sustainable to invest in wooden furniture items that will be required after a couple of years with current furniture things. It will keep you ready for future changes, and you won’t need to re-invest in room design for installing new furniture pieces.
  • Another tip we recommend is to invest in a sturdy, comfortable, and significant-sized bed that doesn’t require an upgrade as kids will grow older and taller. Wooden Beds have low maintenance costs and easily last for 5-7 years and even more.
  • Don’t invest in a free-standing bookshelf. It’s intelligent to opt for wall-mounted bookshelves that will keep books organized, free from dust and dirt, and quickly accessible.

It is the safest choice as kids won’t get hurt while pulling out books, which can lead to falling down a shelf in the scenario of a free-standing one. Wall-mounted book Shelves will keep the space open for movement and playing. Also, you can keep plants, artistic elements, and soft toys along with books to make the shelf look captivating.

  • Lastly, we recommend keeping separate corners for kids’ physical activities, such as a playing area, a reading space, and a study desk for their mental growth and physical health development.

It will inculcate healthy and valuable habits in your kids from a tender age and teach them time management by blending study and playing together to stay fresh and excel academically.


After reading the blog, you will have firm clarification about the purpose of a separate bedroom for kids, essential furniture pieces to buy, and tips to consider while planning to design your kid’s bedroom.

You can save significant investment by opting for multi-functional furniture. It is necessary to teach your kids the significance of getting the best out of a bedroom space through multi-functional furniture, where the study desk is connected to their wardrobe or bed in the middle, and the closet on both sides is built into the wall.

There are numerous ways you can plan your kid’s bedroom. We recommend making your planning sound and precise by booking a free project consultation with our Kids Bedroom Designers in Accra, Ghana, by contacting us at +233592221787 or email

44 Wood Wooden Furniture Designers are highly talented and creative and craft splendid designs by incorporating ingenious ideas and blending them with ongoing trends. We will customize the kid’s bedroom furniture according to your requirements and preferences. You can check out our readymade furniture pieces for kid’s bedrooms on our website.

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