10 Innovative and Trending Shelving Styles for Your Retail and Pharmacy Stores

10 Innovative and Trending Shelving Styles for Your Retail and Pharmacy Stores

Every supermart, grocery, pharmacy store, accessories showroom, or any other retail store you walk into has one common element – Retail Shelving units that capture every trespasser and visitor’s attention. Retail Shelving is a set of numerous shelves available in different styles, sizes, and shapes, customizable according to your requirements and store dimensions.

They are the backbone of every retail store to exhibit their products in an attractive, practical, and functional manner. They help you optimally optimize your store space, captivate your customers’ attention with the products, and help you drive sales upwards of high-margin items and dead stock.

Any store with an organized display of products is bound to maximize its profits. Retail Shelving Units are available in several types, including Gondola Shelves, Modular Corner Units, Floating Shelves, Gridwall Displays, Wall Shelving Units, Pegboard Shelves and more.

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In this blog, we will walk you through 10 Innovative and Trending Shelving styles you must consider for your retail and pharmacy store to enhance your showroom’s functionality and overall ambience.

10 Trending Shelving Styles

Wall Display Systems

One type that is always on the list of top trending shelving styles is Wall Display Systems. They are one of the best shelving solutions to display the products fascinatingly and drive visitors’ attention because of eye-level viewpoint.

They offer a comprehensive package and are highly beneficial when you want to exhibit items that are challenging to stack on standard shelving units.

Floating Shelves

Another cleverly designed shelving unit that perfectly utilizes the modern-day approach to capture visitors’ attention is floating shelves. They are perfect for exhibiting small-size and lightweight products, such as chocolates, chips, and daily usable items. You can install them. Because of their sleek design, they are bound to drive sales upwards.

Free-Standing Shelving Units

One of the most commonly found shelving units in every retail store and showroom are Free-Standing Shelving Units. Because of their excellent functionality and free-standing advantage, they are highly preferred by retail outlets.

They are flexible, as they can be fit anywhere in your store to drive customers’ attention, and versatile, as you can display a broad range of products from dairy to ready-to-cook and more.

Glass Shelving Units

Another intelligent shelving solution to augment your product’s appearance is Glass Shelving Units. You can blend it with a wooden base to give the shelves a splendid and riveting look.

They are perfect to give a bold statement and elevate your store value. They have a distinctive identity and are ideal for maximizing high-margin products and dead stock revenues.

Wooden Shelves

One trend that will never go off the list is Wooden Shelving Units. Wood has always been renowned for adding a royal and classical touch to any space. The best advantage of wooden shelves is that you can customize them according to your tastes, preferences, needs, and store dimensions. You can express your creativity by opting for natural stains or any art form to reflect a bold statement.

Slatwall Shelves

Slatwall Shelves are a top preference and choice of several retailers for merchandise displays, such as footwear, handbags, outfits, and more. You can install them anywhere on the wall, and they are easy to move. Because of their versatility and customization options, you can straightforwardly display numerous items in shelf boxes.

Pegboard Shelving Units

If you have a footwear retail store, watches and gifts shop, or other accessories store, we highly recommend you consider Pegboard Shelving Units. They offer a significant advantage of customization and re-customization according to your store requirements and preferences, enabling seamless store expansion.

You have options to play with the designs and sizes, such as blending shelves with different sizes of hooks and brackets to hang items, especially high-margin products, to capture the quick attention of customers.

Mesh Back Shelves

If you want a flexible and versatile shelving solution that can be installed on the wall and used as free-standing shelving units, we recommend considering Mesh back shelves. They are illustrious for their robustness, durability, and lightweight.

You can install and place them anywhere in your store to display a wide range of products to lure customers into purchase. You can accessorize them with different fixtures, such as hooks and brackets, to exhibit dead stock.

Gondola Shelving Units

If you want a highly reliable, safe, affordable, flexible, versatile, and captivating shelving solution, Gondola Shelving Units should be your top pick. They have numerous benefits, such as maximizing floor space, adapting to different product types, and can be smoothly upgraded according to changing trends, tastes, and seasons.

You can opt for Gondola End Bays, also known as end-shop shelves, to maximize the use of your retail store space and encourage visitors’ to make impromptu purchases.

You can customize the designs by adding captivating elements like brand signs, animated boards, and colorful icons. Retail showrooms use this shelving solution for product promotions, displaying seasonal items, packaged food products, and consumable drinks.

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Illuminated Displays

You can transform your small or mid-scale retail store into a luxurious brand by considering illuminated display shelving units. The blend of wooden boxes and soft downlights helps to highlight tiny details and features of a product, adding a touch and feel of exclusiveness and elegance to any item.

It is ideal for retail stores and showrooms selling lifestyle accessories, footwear, and sports products.


After reading the blog, you will have firm clarification and be filled with options for your pharmacy store, grocery mart, and retail showroom shelving units. Apart from the 10 mentioned shelving styles trends, you can consider open shelving solutions, ingeniously designed according to the modern-day retail approach. It helps to utilize all four sides and corners to allure users to walk into your store and keep them engaged right from the first moment.

You can also opt for mirrored shelving units and use a perfect mix of natural and artificial lights to make your store look visually more prominent in dimensions. With technological advancement, digital shelving displays are also making their distinctive identity. It lets you switch displays to personalize customers’ shopping experience, keep users captivated in purchases, and get real-time insights and data.

However, if you have any questions regarding any of the trends or want a sound opinion on which shelving types are best for your store, book a free project consultation with our sales experts by contacting us at +233592221787 or info@44wood.com.

They will recommend perfect shelving solutions for your store to capture visitors’ attention and drive up your store sales. At 44 Wood, we design and manufacture customized wooden retail, pharmacy, and showroom shelves tailored according to your needs, preferences, and store dimensions.

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