Coffee Table Trends You Must Consider While Buying Coffee Table

Coffee Table Trends Consider While Buying Coffee Table

Coffee Tables are a prominent, cozy place to have friendly talks with your friends and loved ones, have a small get-together over coffee and conversations, relax during office breaks, draw visitors’ attention in clinics by keeping magazines and newspapers, and various other applications.

Wooden coffee tables are illustrious for their exquisite finishing, splendid designs, classic textures, and riveting aesthetics. They are a center of attraction and enhance the overall practicality and functionality of the space, be it the living room, waiting lobby, manager and director cabin, or any other.

This blog will walk you through the coffee table trends you must consider while buying a coffee table.

Coffee Table Trends to Watch Out for


Whether it is 1990, 2010, 2023, or 2030, coffee tables with storage will always be in trend. With technological innovation and trends continually transforming, Wooden Furniture Designers in Ghana are adapting themselves to changing customer tastes and preferences.

They are designing clever storage options by implementing their ingenious ideas. It is wiser to buy a coffee table with storage, as you can keep magazines, newspapers, books, pamphlets, and other accessories.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized wooden coffee tables with intelligent storage solutions by smartly designing them and turning them hidden when not required.

Marble Surface with Wooden Base

Another coffee table trend you can consider is a table with a marble surface and wooden base. It means you can customize the top of the table with a marble or stone slab and enhance it with creative patterns by opting for captivating stains, such as water and paint splashes.

By blending the marble surface with wooden legs and bottom, you can give an enthralling and royal look to your coffee table. Marble will add elegance, and wood will add a mesmerizing aroma of forest wood. This sophisticated pairing will enlighten any room with lavishness.

At 44 Wood, we will customize the above coffee table combination. Whether you want stunning black marble with metallic accents and a wooden base or a regal white marble top with stains and a wooden bottom, we will customize them for you.

Adding Artistic vibes with Glass

Another graceful coffee table design in the trends list is a blend of a wooden base and a glass top. You can add artistic vibes to the room by decorating coffee table top with antiques, traditional flower vase, classic accessories, old-school and historic books/novels, and other elements.

If you are an art lover or love to have a coffee table beautified with artistic components, you should surely keep this trend on top of your buying list. This trend will bring out the art lover inside you by giving you the freedom to freely express your creativity and add a sense of individual touch with a bold statement to your room.

Japandi Wooden Coffee Table

Another coffee table in the trends list is the Japandi wooden coffee table, renowned for enhancing the room with luxury because of its aesthetic wooden finishing, functionality, and minimalistic design.

It has a round base, four legs, and no storage space or additional elements. Such simple and classic designs add a stylish and imperial look to your room, exhibiting the statement that “less is more.”

It is made from light-toned woods with a natural or premium matte finish according to your taste. It builds an aroma of warmth, inviting ambience, and connectivity with nature. We highly recommend this trend if you want a coffee table designed with a minimalist approach that creates tranquillity and peaceful vibes in the living room and office cabin space.

Nested Coffee Table

If you want a coffee table that has minimalistic designs, rich wooden texture, enclosed practical solutions, and enlightens your living spaces into modern visuals, then you should highly consider nested pieces coffee tables, which have two encapsulated tables and visually make them look like a single piece of table. Out of the two tables, one is smaller, and the other is larger. The smaller one is placed beneath the larger one.

At 44 Wood, we enable you to customize nested wooden coffee tables by opting for two or more tables according to your requirements and preferences. You can place smaller tables encircled beneath the larger ones and visually get one significant-size coffee table with ample space to keep accessories and items on the surface.

You can customize the table dimensions in multiple configurations. Also, you have the flexibility to keep tables side-by-side or in a circle according to the different festive occasions and gathering setups.


After reading the blog, you will be filled with innovative and cutting-edge ideas to design your coffee table. You can consider any of the five trends or a mix of them for your different setups – living room, bedroom, study room, office reception area, and work cabin.

All the five coffee table trends mentioned in the blog have distinctive features, advantages, and practicality. They aim to enlighten your space with enchantment. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

At 44 Wood, we will customize all the styles and designs mentioned through five trends. Whether you want a coffee table with storage options, minimalistic designs, or classic traditional wood texture, 44 Wood Furniture Designers will customize it for you.

Our Wooden Furniture Designers are highly talented, creative, and committed to delivering customers with fascinating, exquisitely designed wooden coffee tables.

You can shop online from our readymade stock or customize by booking a free project consultation with our furniture experts by calling us at +233592221787 or emailing

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Gertrude Stein.

Shop at 44 Wood and give yourself immense happiness and joy by designing your dream wooden furniture with us.

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