Hinged vs. Sliding Doors: Which is Best for your Wooden Wardrobes?

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Wardrobes are an integral part of every bedroom, and every home’s furniture is incomplete without a wardrobe. Hence, it is essential to spend sufficient time researching an ideal wardrobe for your bedroom and office space to ensure it gives you astonishing ROI, durability, and robustness.

There are two types of Wardrobes that Ghanaians prefer. One is Hinged door wardrobes, a traditional approach storage solution, and the other is Sliding door wardrobes, a contemporary storage solution and highly trending amongst youth.

Both wardrobe types have respective pros and cons, maintenance cost, styling patterns, and ROI. In this blog, we will walk you through the difference between hinged and sliding door wardrobes so you can decide which one to pick for your storage solution.

What are Hinged Door Wardrobes?

Hinged Door Wardrobes are a traditional wardrobe type and have been widely used across Ghana for decades. They have a maximum width of 24 inches to ensure the hinges have adequate load when the door panel is open. Hinged Door Wardrobes are fixed to the door frame with 2-3 vertical hinges on both sides. The hinged door opens from unattached sides.

What are Sliding Door Wardrobes?

Sliding Door Wardrobes have a couple of prerequisites, such as a floor and top track with rollers for sliding doors. The standard depth of a Sliding Door Wardrobe should be at least 26 inches, including a minimum 2-inch running track fixed on a wooden base or the floor.

Also, the minimum width should be around 7 feet, which means 3.5 feet for each side door sliding and opening. It ensures smooth putting and taking out of clothes and accessories.

Refer to our other blog, “What are the Ideal Measurements for Buying a Wardrobe?” for your reference.

Advantages of Hinged Wardrobes

Let us first walk you through the advantages of Hinged Wardrobes.

Door Opening and Additional Accessories

One of the significant advantages of Hinged Wardrobes is that they open 90 degrees wide, giving you a full view of the closet, compared to sliding doors, which open half. Due to door opening fully and no shutters, you can install essential accessories, such as hooks, racks, brackets, and related elements to hang ties, socks, belts, and daily wearable items.

Low Maintenance Cost

Hinged Door Wardrobes have low maintenance costs compared to Sliding Door Wardrobes. Due to no shutters, you don’t have to bear the expenses of oiling and tracks getting broken or worn out over time. The replacement materials of Hinged Wardrobes are less than Sliding Wardrobes, and they are readily available, such as hinges, leafs, a pin, and a knuckle.

Versatile Door Options

Due to a 90-degree wide door opening and no shutters, you get versatile options and variety with Hinged Wardrobes in terms of designs, textures, colors, and door handles. You can opt for stainless steel, leather, or brass door handles according to your preferences and requirements, ensuring they match your wardrobe design and color.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized hinged wooden wardrobes, customizable according to your tastes and needs. We offer various options for door selection, such as L-shaped doors, folding doors, and other shapes of your choice.

Advantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes


One of the best advantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes is that they don’t open wide like hinged wardrobes and have shutter opening sideways, enabling adequate movement space in the room. Also, you can utilize the saved door opening space for keeping other furniture pieces, such as a side table.

Lavish and Upmarket Feel

Sliding Wardrobes are one of the most cleverly designed furniture pieces for modern-day storage solutions. They give you innovative benefits, such as installing a glass texture on the doors as your personal stylist or natural stains/splashes, creative wallpapers and paintings, or any other artistic element. Also, the door opens half, giving you privacy and allowing you to open the door as needed.

More Expansive Storage

Sliding Wardrobes open sideways instead of on one side, giving you the excellent benefit of an additional storage solution. You can utilize both sides to keep the extra items. The prominent storage space makes them a cost-effective option, as you can buy one sliding wardrobe over two hinged wardrobes.

Also, you can customize the sliding doors to your room’s ceiling height to get extra storage space on top shelves. You can convert your sliding wardrobe into a walk-in closet and feel like a celebrity.

Which is the best: Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes?

Both wardrobe types have their pros and cons. For instance, a Hinged Door Wardrobe gives you complete visibility by opening 90 degrees wide. In contrast, a Sliding Door Wardrobe enables privacy as you can use each side to keep individual items if the wardrobe is meant to be shared by two people.

Also, Hinged Doors gives you versatile door customization options, which we mentioned in the blog. The Sliding Door Wardrobe has two sides, enabling you to use one side as a dresser by installing glass on the door and keeping a painting/wallpaper on the other.

To summarize, the selection from both types boils down to individual choice. However, if you need further clarification, feel free to contact us, and our sales experts will help you select the ideal wardrobe type according to your needs.


After reading the blog, you will be clear about the difference between hinged and sliding wardrobes and their respective pros and cons. At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized hinged and sliding wardrobes according to your room dimensions, wall color, lighting, tastes, and requirements.

Our Wooden Wardrobe Designers in Accra, Ghana, offer ingenious wardrobe ideas by suggesting glass elements, wallpaper, natural stains, and other trends. You can shop wooden wardrobes online from our website from the readymade collection.

Book a free project consultation for customized wooden wardrobes by contacting us at +233592221787 or emailing info@44wood.com.

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