Latest TV Cabinet Trends You Must Consider While Planning Your TV Cabinet

Trending TV Cabinet You Must Consider While Planning Tv Cabinet

Like a bedroom is incomplete without a wardrobe and a kitchen without cabinets, a living room is incomplete without a TV Cabinet.

TV units are renowned for giving a spectacular look to a simple living space. Modern-day TV cabinets have become versatile, as you can install them on the wall or keep them as a free-standing unit in your living room, bedroom, office reception area, or personal cabin.

Multitudinous types of TV Cabinets are available in the Ghanaian market, confusing customers regarding which styles and designs to opt for. We will simplify your purchasing process by walking you through the latest TV Cabinet trends you must consider while planning to purchase them.

Latest TV Cabinet Trends for Planning TV Cabinet Purchase

Floating Design TV Unit for Bedroom

If you are searching for a TV unit for your bedroom, we recommend a Floating Design TV cabinet. It is installed to the wall, keeps your bedroom open, and does not feel clogged due to its installation.

Floating design TV units are renowned for visually augmenting room dimensions, and you can customize them according to your storage requirements.

You can express your creativity by decorating the TV unit with artistic elements, such as a flower vase, antique, clock, or other accessories. This trending TV Cabinet style will give a complete makeover to your bedroom.

Multi-Purpose TV Unit

Another trending TV Unit you must keep on top of your buying list is the Multi-Purpose TV Unit. It offers tremendous flexibility, versatility, and customization options to design the storage solutions in your TV Unit according to your requirements.

For instance, you can choose a blend of drawers, shelf boxes, slider cabinets, and other storage spaces according to your needs. This trending style will transform the aesthetics of your living room and office reception area by adding a stunning touch.

You can decorate and fill the storage spaces with books, flower vases, certificates, trophies, indoor plants, and home decor artistic objects.

Glass Wall TV Unit

If you want to transform your living space into a royal ambience and give it an opulent look without spending significant investment, you must consider Glass Wall TV Unit. The combination of Wood as base and textures with Glass elements finishing on exteriors will give your living space a sleek and enchanting look, converting it into a modernized lavish interior.

This trending style will make your room look visually expansive. The glass tempered is thick and ensures long-term durability. It keeps the items in the storage shelves protected from dust and dirt. You can enhance the look of the cabinets and drawer’s door handles with metallic or chrome accents for magnificent finishing.

Corner Design TV Cabinets

If you want to install a TV Unit by utilizing the corner of the walls and enlighten your living space with cleverly designed and crafted furniture solutions, we recommend considering Corner Design TV Cabinets.

They help you optimize every corner and inch of your room, leaving ample space for people’s movement and other furniture pieces. It is smaller and ideal for small and mid-size living rooms and bedrooms. It has a distinctive appearance, and storage solutions are customizable according to your requirements.

Corner Design TV unit is installed to the wall, and the TV is wall mounted with home decor elements attached to the corner of both walls for a splendid look.

Low Shelf TV Cabinet Design

Another ingeniously designed TV Unit that is in trend in the modern-day era is the Low Shelf TV Unit. It has excellent functionality and impressively crafted storage solutions in the form of shelf boxes and elegant finishing wooden surface and base.

You can customize the Low Shelf TV Unit with texture colors of your choice. For instance, you can choose greyish or matte black for the side, a snowy white top, and a forest brown wood base.

You can keep a DVD/CD player, music speakers, a flower vase, books, magazines, and other items in storage spaces.

Illuminated Design TV Cabinets

If you want a celebrity feel in your living space and bedroom, we recommend choosing Illuminated Design Wooden TV Cabinets. It has stylish elements of different lighting types that you can select according to your likes and preferences.

For instance, you can opt for a mix of ambient lighting, LED lights, fill lights, and downlights. You can turn on the lights according to your mood and set up the perfect ambience by keeping low lighting while watching horror movies and bright for watching comedy movies with the family.

This trending style is ideal for small-sized living spaces and transforms it into a personal mini-theatre.

Minimalistic Wooden TV Unit

If you prefer keeping minimalistic elements in your furniture pieces’ design and styling, you can shortlist a customized Wooden TV Unit. It enables you to customize the TV Cabinet according to your preferences and storage requirements. The charismatic aroma and feel of timeless wood will enlighten your living space with royal vibes.

You can enhance the appearance of the TV Unit by adding classic rustic home decor items, such as antique coins, photo frames, paintings, a clock, and more. You can play with the textures by adding sleek lines, natural stains, and splashes to enhance the overall TV Cabinet look.


After reading the blog, you will be acquainted with the latest TV Cabinet trends, which you can choose from for your living room, bedroom, and office reception area.

You can even opt for a Contemporary-style TV Unit by keeping a backdrop for your TV set on the walls. You can add contrast through artistic elements, such as fresh flowers in the vase, natural stain/splash on the wall, or a line metal wall clock.

However, if you have any questions about trends or want more ideas and clarification about which TV unit style is best for your living space, feel free to contact us.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized Wooden TV Cabinets meticulously designed by our highly talented and creative Wooden Furniture Designers in Accra, Ghana. We will customize all the TV Cabinet styles mentioned in the blog according to your preferences, requirements, and storage needs.

You can buy a TV Cabinet online from our website from the readymade collection. Book a free project consultation for customized TV Units by contacting us at +233592221787 or emailing

Refer to our other blog, “Tips for Buying Wooden TV Cabinets in Ghana,” for your reference.

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