Tips for Buying Wooden TV Cabinets in Ghana

Tips for Buying Wooden TV Cabinets in Ghana

A Living Room without a TV is like a Kitchen without Cabinets and a Bedroom without Wardrobe. A TV is your mini home theatre, entertainment zone, and spectacular creation of humankind, bringing loved ones closer to watch moves, series, and shows together. Your TV sets are incomplete without a TV Unit.

A TV Cabinet is a focal point of your living room. Hence, paying careful attention to textures, shades, dimensions, and other factors is crucial for purchasing an ideal TV Stand.

In this blog, we will walk you through Master Tips from our Wooden TV Cabinets Designers in Accra, Ghana, to simplify your TV Units purchasing process.

Tips for Purchasing an Ideal Wooden TV Cabinet

Understanding Living Room Layout

The first & foremost thing you must do is study your Living Room plan layout to comprehend the dimensions and consider the placement of existing furniture pieces. And accordingly, determine where you have adequate space to place TV Cabinets.

You also need to ascertain the dimensions of your TV Screen to evaluate whether your requirement is for a compact TV stand or a more expansive one.

If you need a compact one and available space is prominent, we recommend opting for a mid-size or a larger dimensions TV Cabinet. You can utilise the drawers, shelves, and cabinets for keeping remotes, speakers, antiques, flower vases, magazines, and other accessories.

A cleverly designed and elegant finishing TV Cabinet will Sureshot add depth and enchanting beauty to your Living Room walls and light up its ambience.

Please note that it is not a rule of thumb that the TV Unit has to be installed into the wall or placed in the centre of the Living Room.

You can add a sleek design by opting for an L-Shaped TV Stand or a Curved one flowing through the wall if you have a curved TV Screen or want it to pass through the corners for a sophisticated design.

If you have a LED TV, you can select slimmer and thin dimensions built-in wall TV Stand, giving you an intelligent space-saving solution and the required functionality & visual dynamics.

Height and Width

After deciding on TV Cabinet placement, you need to determine the height and width of the TV Stand. Many customers prefer tall TV Units to get a theatre-like feel at home, while some choose eye-level TV Cabinets to get a straight-head viewpoint visual experience.

For ascertaining the ideal height, we recommend making 2-3 family members sit on the couch and then measure the height from their line of vision to the ground.

For more accurate estimation, we suggest deducting your TV’s size from the line of sight to the ground figure, and the result will be your perfect height measurement for the TV Cabinet. If you want to place the TV set above the line of vision, measure it from the line of sight upward until the point where the neck is comfortable & not spraining.

To determine the TV Stand width, you must decide whether you want to wall mount your TV set or place it on the TV Stand surface.

Suppose you wish to go with the latter & keep it standing; in that case, the TV Cabinet should be deeper & broader than the TV width to ensure it fits perfectly and sufficient space for wires and cables to pass through the switchboard. Keep a 7-10 cm space on both sides not to make it look crammed unnecessarily.

Every TV set’s dimensions, size, and shape vary. Hence we recommend considering the following prescribed width according to the rule of thumb by our Wooden TV Stand Designers in Accra, Ghana:

Ideal TV Stand Width

For TV Set Screen Size
42-52 cms

20″ to 24″

54-62 cms

25″ to 28″
66-74 cms

30″ to 34″

80-90 cms

36″ to 40″

92-103 cms

42″ to 46″

110-125 cms

50″ to 56″

130-144 cms

60″ to 65″
145-159 cms

66″ to 70″

160-200 cms

72″ to 80″

Above 200 cms

80″ and above


To know the exact width & height, book your free project consultation, and our sales experts will give you an accurate figure by professionally conducting the measurement process.


After getting precise figures for dimensions, height, and width, the next factor you should consider is the functionality of the TV Cabinets, which can give you astonishing benefits, such as storage solutions, splendidly displaying TV sets, and adding magnificent styling to your Living Room.

We recommend opting for separate shelves and sections for keeping speakers, TV Cables, Set-top boxes, DVD players, Amazon Fire TV sticks, X-Box or Playstation, Magazines, Home Decor accessories, and other items.

With these versatility options, you can optimally use its functionality and get the best out of it. It will give you value for your investment, enabling you to enjoy smart storage solutions and adding an imperial look to your Living Room.

You can customise TV Stands according to your tastes, preferences, and requirements by choosing 44 Wood as your Wooden TV Cabinets manufacturer.


After reading the blog, you can buy a suitable TV Stand for your Living Room and even for your Office Reception Area. For determining the ideal measurements and tips for purchasing TV Unit for Office Reception Area, the information and recommendations will remain the same, which we provided in the blog.

By implementing the suggestions and aspects mentioned in the blog, you will definitely determine the ideal measurements for buying a dream TV Cabinet. However, if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customised Wooden TV Stands, which are planned and designed according to your Living Room dimensions, wall colours, lighting, preferences & requirements.

We customise Wooden TV Units for Corporate Offices, Reception Areas, and Living Rooms of Residential Houses. You can buy online from our readymade collection on the website.

For customised ones, book a free project consultation by calling us at +233 592221787 or emailing at

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