Factors to Consider for Designing Your Dream Dining Table

Factors to Consider for Designing Your Dream Dining Table 44 Wood

Dining Table is a cosy and sacred place in the house where the family gets together over meals and makes merry. Dining Table has witnessed countless memories; you can discuss and talk about different matters while having meals.

Hence, it is crucial to pay meticulous attention to the design, texture, and dimensions of the Dining Table, ensuring that it blends exceptionally with your Living Room Wall Colours, Lighting, and other furniture pieces.

You can even install a Wooden Dining Table in your Kitchen or mix it with Island Kitchen, where one side is allotted to Culinary or Dish Washing Activities and the other for Eating food.

In this blog, we will walk you through the factors to consider for designing your dream Wooden Dining Table in Ghana.

Factors to Keep in Mind for Designing an Ideal Wooden Dining Table


The foremost aspect to consider for designing Dining Table is the dimensions of your Living Room and the vacant space for installing it. We recommend jotting down the maximum and minimum number of seats that will be occupied, table size & shape.

Most importantly, determining the intimacy, whether you want people to sit closer for a cosy ambience or a more expansive table where family members can talk and have their own space for comfort & convenience.

After deciding on these elements, you will have an approximate estimation of Dining Table dimensions. If you want an accurate measurement, contact us for a free project consultation.


After a proximate estimation, the next thing to ascertain is deciding on Dining Table Size. If more people will occupy Dining Table Seats regularly, opting for a broader Table is wiser. If fewer seats will be employed, we recommend going for a compact size.

Keeping festivals and weekends in mind when guests will be visiting your home, it is ideal to choose a prominent size Dining Table. You also need to ensure it doesn’t feel vast because of empty seats. On the other hand, you shouldn’t select a table that feels congested & small.

We recommend buying a Dining Table that can accommodate 2-3 extra guests on festivals and maintain a 100cm passage for people’s movement between the table and nearby doors, furniture pieces, and walls. It is advisable to go for either of the following options:

  • Two Compact Size Square Dining Tables, one of which should be kept packed or in a vacant room or cellar. You can use it when needed (guests at home)
  • Wooden Dining Table built-in the wall, and it will remain fitted (folded) into the wall when not in use, enabling adequate space for people’s movement
  • Wooden Dining Table with extendable leaves and expanding to the fullest when needed or keeping it compact when not required

At 44 Wood, we offer an option of a free project consultation wherein our Wooden Furniture Designers in Accra, Ghana, will help you plan & design perfect size Wooden Dining Table by doing a trial run with marker, measurement tape, and chairs to give you exact figures.


After deciding on the Dining Table size, the next element you need to decide on is the shape of the Table. For instance, you can opt for a Rectangular Dining Table if there are more family members in your house, and it is ideal for feasts and family get together. It is renowned for creating a warm and friendly ambience.

They are a practical solution for prominent size living rooms and joint (multigenerational) families. It binds the connection between members and guests and the food in the centre. With Rectangular Wooden Dining Table, you have ample space to walk around the Table and customise it as an extendable if you have a smaller family and expand it during festivals.

We recommend choosing Square Wooden Dining Tables if your dining area is square in dimensions.

Square Dining Tables are perfect for compact families with 3-4 family members, and it creates an intimate and more cosy setting, enabling family members to feel more connected and have food closer to everyone. You can opt for two and keep one as a spare for guests & feast.

Round Wooden Dining Tables are viable for families with 3-6 members who like to eat food & have long conversations round-the-table and adjacent access to food. It creates social, long, amicable talks and keeps everyone encircled in a group.

Round Dining Tables are renowned for keeping members connected over food & convos and not making anyone feel left out. This table type enables efficient utilisation of the dining area, as they don’t consume much space and fit perfectly in every setup.

If you are looking to buy a versatile and compact dining table for your open-plan Kitchen, Living, or Dining room, we highly recommend Round shaped Dining Table.

Selection of Colours & Table Style

After deciding on the dimensions, size, and shape of the Wood Dining Table, the next thing you need to ascertain is the colour & style of the Dining Table.

If you visit our furniture showroom in Dzorwulu Odotei Tsui Street, Accra, Ghana, you will observe that the Dining Tables are designed and manufactured with the finest detailing, finishing of texture, and styled with patterns that stand out from standard Dining Tables in Ghanaian Market.

A delicately crafted & constructed Wooden Dining Table adds an enchanting, charismatic, and sophisticated look to your Living Room & Dining Area. Selecting the Dining Table colours according to your Living Room Interiors & Wall colours is crucial, making it look visually attractive.

For instance, lighter shades of Dining Tables give cosy, warm, and welcoming vibes. In comparison, darker textures naturally captivate attention towards it, becoming a focal point of Living Space. We recommend opting for styling patterns according to the colours to ensure it blends exceptionally with it.


After reading the blog, you will have fully comprehended factors to consider for designing your dream Wooden Dining Table. By taking all aspects mentioned in the blog, you will have your ideally designed Dining Table on paper.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customised Wooden Dining Tables in Accra, Ghana, and you can opt for a glass, hardwood, marble or stone slab, hardwood or softwood base for Dining Table.

We will give it an exquisite finish to enlighten your Living Room & Dining Area. Whether you want a compact or more expansive Rectangular, Round, or Square Wooden Dining Table, we will customise it for you.

Shop our Wooden Dining Tables online from our readymade collection. Book a free project consultation for a customised Wooden Dining Table. For any questions, call us at +233 592221787 or email at info@44wood.com.

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