How to Design an Ideal Island Kitchen Layout?

How to Design an Ideal Island Kitchen Layout

The Kitchen is the heart of every house; if the heart functions at its best, the rest will blend harmoniously. However, Kitchen has always been one of the house’s most complex & strenuous spaces to design and plan. Due to this, customers often face obstacles in working out the ideal way to create their dream kitchen layout, especially an Island Kitchen. It is not rocket science or a formula that can’t be decoded.

There are specific guidelines, tips, and practices that customers should follow to determine the ideal dimensions for planning & designing their dream Kitchen Island. In this blog, we will walk you through five salient questions (aspects) that arise in almost every customer’s mind, and it is essential to have clarity on them to plan & design an ideal Island Kitchen layout.

Essential Aspects to Consider to Design an Ideal Island Kitchen Layout

What is the Kitchen Island’s Purpose?

Let us first walk you through Kitchen Island’s purpose (function). It is crucial to comprehend the layout type purpose before you plan creative storage solutions. Most of the Island Kitchens layout types are – one side for food preparation & culinary activities and the other for eating or one end as a wash sink for dishwashing and the other for eating/food preparation.

You must determine what task you wish to allot on both ends according to your preferences & requirements. Due to work-from-home convenience, you can even set up a small workstation on one end of the Island Kitchen and food prep, cooking, eating, or dishwashing on the other. However, if you want more than just seating, you can install cabinets on one end of the Island Kitchen for kitchen chores.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customised Wooden Kitchen Cabinets for Island Kitchens in Accra, Ghana. Our highly creative and experienced Kitchen Designers team will help you plan, design, and develop your Island Kitchen.

What should be the height of your Island Kitchen counter?

Next, you should determine your Island Kitchen’s ideal (approximate) height from a working (standing) and seating viewpoint. For that, you must decide whether you wish to keep a standard dining chair, office chair, or bar stool.

For instance, if you are considering putting bar stools on one end of your Island Kitchen, you must ascertain the height for the perfect headroom space for seating on bar stools. A 40-42 inches higher bar stool is bound to be more spacious & flexible.

However, to know the accurate height, 44 Wood sales experts are just one contact away for a consultation. We will help you establish precise seating adjustments and standing areas for kitchen chores according to your kitchen dimensions.

Which Essential Accessories do you want to keep in your Island Kitchen?

After deciding on the purpose and height of your Island Kitchen, you should list the essential accessories you want to store in your Island Kitchen Cabinets and on the countertop.

For instance, if you are keeping the food preparation/cooking area on one end and sitting on the other, you must opt for bottle pull-down, pull-out baskets, or cutlery organiser trays on the end and keep dining mats on the other for sitting.

If you want a dishwashing area on one end, we recommend keeping necessary cleaning items in under-sink cabinets. Also, you can even install a built-in oven and a hood, chimney, or exhaust vent above the cooking area for optimally utilising your kitchen area.

If you have a compact-size or medial dimensions kitchen, we recommend opting for an Island Kitchen with a built-in refrigerator inside the counter or a built-in wall refrigerator nearby Island Kitchen for quickly accessing needed items.

You can create an efficiently functioning kitchen space by listing the required accessories. It is a pivotal question and a decisive task that will help you strategically plan your dream Island Kitchen.

After listing & finalising the accessories list, you can straightforwardly plan out the number of storage spaces required in the Island Kitchen. You will have a clear-cut and accurate idea about how many cabinets, drawers, and pull-out baskets will fit your application usage of the Island Kitchen.

Where do you wish to set up Island Kitchen?

After answering all the questions (aspects) mentioned above, you must consider where you wish to set up Island Kitchen in your existing Kitchen layout plan.

For instance, whether you want to build Island Kitchen near the window, refrigerator, wall, facing living room/bedroom, or in the middle of the kitchen according to the vacant space and your requirements.

To simplify this task, we recommend creating a triangle of food prep & cooking area, refrigerator and wash sink to ensure everything is accessible at your convenience.

As you have decided through the above questions what you want to keep on both ends/sides of Island Kitchen, it will be plain sailing for you to formulate the triangle. And if you are yet to decide, this question (aspect) will answer and help you design the triangle.


After reading the blog, you will have a firm clarity about planning & designing your dream Kitchen Island. By considering and answering all the questions mentioned in the blog in order, you will have clarity on all elements. However, if you need assistance, feel free to contact us.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customised wooden kitchen cabinets in Accra, Ghana, for Island Kitchen. Our highly skilled & ingenious designers will help you set up your dream Island Kitchen by devising an ideal layout according to your kitchen dimensions. Book your free project consultation for planning & designing an Island Kitchen layout and quotation for customised wooden cabinets.

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