What are the Types of Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Design? Tips to utilize Kitchen Lighting.

What are the Types of Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Design Tips to utilize Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Design is one of the crucial aspects of a kitchen’s overall design & functionality. A well-designed kitchen lighting setup makes the kitchen look visually stunning and adds an elegant look to the kitchen.

It enhances the kitchen space making it look significant in dimensions. It also improves kitchen safety, convenience, and cooking efficiency. It is critical to create a strategic lighting plan for the kitchen with a blend of artificial & natural lights.

Kitchen Designers pay meticulous by playing with artificial & natural light to give a splendid look to your kitchen. In this blog, we will walk you through the types of Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Design and Tips to optimally utilize Kitchen Lighting.

Kitchen Lighting serves multiple purposes beyond illuminating kitchen space and making your kitchen design look elegant. Kitchen Lighting creates a warm & cosy ambience that encourages culinary activity & socialization.

And properly designed Kitchen Lighting contributes to energy efficiency & sustainability, helping you save high costs on electricity bills. Let us first walk you through the types of Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Design.

Types of Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Design

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting is the first lighting layer in the Kitchen Lighting plan. It provides overall illumination to the kitchen. You can install Ambient Lighting with ceiling-mounted fixtures, pendants, or recessed lights.

Ambient Lighting brightness should be adequate to ensure the kitchen is appropriately lit, as too much or less brightness can cause eye strain and create glare.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is another crucial Lighting in the Kitchen Lighting plan. It creates a focal point or design statement in the Kitchen to highlight a piece of artwork, a specific culinary activity area, or a unique architectural feature. They are also called Display Lighting.

You can install them inside cabinets, over features, stone fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, or existing decors in the Kitchen. Its primary purpose is to draw attention to particular focal points, as it is three times brighter than Surrounding Lighting.

General Lighting

It is one of the extensive categories for your Kitchen Lighting plan, as it fills the gaps where more lighting is required. It includes pendants & recessed lights, and chandelier fixtures.

General Lighting is the centrepiece of your Kitchen Design and is usually hung over a kitchen island, dining table, or middle of the kitchen. Installing General Lighting in the centre helps illuminate the entire space.

Task Lighting

It is used to illuminate specific working areas in the kitchen, such as the food preparation zone, stove, countertops, sink, and underneath cabinets.

Task Lighting should be luminous enough to provide sufficient illumination for kitchen tasks and not cause shadows or glares. Cabinet Lighting provides a visually appealing look to the countertops and adds an enchanting look to the Kitchen Cabinets.

Tips to Optimally Utilize Lighting for a Stylish & Outstanding Functional Kitchen

There are numerous ways to utilize Kitchen Lighting optimally. However, we recommend the following tips, which are highly effective and illuminate your kitchen in a chic way.

Colour Temperature

Your Kitchen Lighting Colour Temperature substantially impacts your overall kitchen ambience. We recommend choosing warm white, yellow-toned, and cosy colours to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

However, if you want a private & intimate setup with a sophisticated look & modernized vibes, you can opt for darker colour shades and blue-toned lights. Depending on the style, mood, and ambience you want in your kitchen, you can choose the Kitchen Lighting Colour Temperature accordingly.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer Switches are one of the best ways to adjust the brightness of your Kitchen Lighting fixtures according to your moods & the shades you want in your kitchen. You can fine-tune Dimmer Switches levels to create the illumination of your choice & preferences.

For instance, you can increase the level for a brighter setup during cooking and cleaning and dim it while relaxing or dining.

Layer your Lighting

It is critical to layer your Kitchen Lighting to create a well-balanced Kitchen Lighting plan. To achieve this, you must incorporate different lighting fixtures, such as general, ambient, accent, and task. Various illumination levels will help you create the ideal visual lighting of your preference.

Natural Light

Last but the most crucial one. Apart from playing and fine-tuning with artificial lights, paying meticulous attention to natural lighting, the most cost-effective illumination source, adds a charismatic aroma to your Kitchen setup.

We recommend installing large windows, glass doors, and skylights for the entrance of adequate natural lighting inside the kitchen. It will enhance your kitchen’s overall design and reduce heavy reliance on artificial lighting.


After reading the blog, you will have a comprehension of the Types of Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Design and Tips to utilize Kitchen Lighting optimally.

By incorporating a mix of Ambient, Accent, General, Task, and Natural Lighting, you will find the perfect Kitchen Lighting of your choice. You can use Dimmer Switches to set up the lighting according to your mood and ambience.

However, if you have any questions or want more tips, feel free to contact us.

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