MDF vs. Solid Wood – Which is the Best for Modern Kitchen Furniture?

MDF vs. Solid Wood - Which is the Best for Modern Kitchen Furniture?

Solid wood has always remained in trend for ages and is widely preferred by customers. However, with the emergence of MDF flat track furniture trends in the market, more businesses are moving to flat pack assembly & deliveries; customers get confused & need clarification about which one to pick from Solid wood and MDF (medium-density fibreboard) for their Kitchen Furniture.

MDF is an engineered wood obtained by breaking down composites of Softwood & hardwood. However, it is less durable compared to Solid wood.

With rapidly changing technology & manufacturing processes, engineered wood has become one of the most reliable & cost-effective options, persuading manufacturers to shift to engineered wood. And this has led to flat pack furniture trends in the market.

So does that mean MDF should be given primary preference over Solid wood for kitchen furniture? In this blog, we will walk you through the difference between MDF & Solid wood to help you pick the best one according to your requirements & budget.

Advantages of Solid Wood


Solid Wood is renowned for its durability and lasting for years. Solid Wood is available in numerous types, such as Pine, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Oregon, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Teak, Mahogany, Birch, Beech, and Ash.

Each type has distinct advantages and has proven to be highly robust and survive different weather conditions & climates, becoming one of the wisest investments.

With Solid Wood furniture in your Kitchen, it will not tear off easily and will last for years. You will get resistance from termites, moisture, stains, spills, and more external natural contaminants.

Aesthetically pleasing

Solid Wood finishing is prominent to give the home an aesthetically pleasing and royal look. No matter how delicately you paint a flat pack MDF, the mesmerizing touch and splendid look of Solid Wood texture have their own charismatic aroma.

Solid Wood’s few types, such as White & Red Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Teak, Ash, and Oregon, are always in demand because of their exquisite texture & feel.

Increase in your property’s value

Whether it is a bookshelf, side table, cabinets, bed, or any piece of furniture in your home made of Solid Wood, it is bound to add a significant elevation to your property value. The charming touch & feel of the Solid Wood is illustrious for their premiumness.

It increases your property value compared to engineered wood (MDF) furniture, which is just a flat pack of furniture available at economical pricing. If you consult an experienced property developer, dealer, or landlord, you will know the property’s value with a wide range of Solid Wood furniture.


The best part about Solid Wood is that you can customize it in various shapes & styles according to your requirements, tastes, and preferences. By tinkering with the flexible and versatile properties of Solid Wood, you can add an imperial personality to your kitchen & home furniture.

Also, you can use Solid Wood for small DIY projects in your kitchen and house. At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets according to your kitchen dimensions, lighting, wall colors, requirements, and preferences.

Disadvantages of Solid Wood

1. Though Solid Wood is renowned for its durability and survival for longer years, it is more expensive than MDF. All Solid Wood types are costly because of their sturdiness, aesthetically pleasing look, plush feel & availability.

It also depends on the type of Solid Wood selected because white oak, cherry, and walnut are more expensive than other types.

2. Engineered wood is more moisture-resistant compared to Solid Wood because a tiny scratch, crack, or mold to Solid Wood pieces of furniture can lead to the growth of fungi and insect infestations in that part.

It can get more damage due to moisture and water. Hence, it is recommended to buy a water-proof finishing Solid Wood, which always mitigates the risk of mold infestation.

3. Though MDF is susceptible to damage from heat, Solid Wood is vulnerable to both heat & cold. Any rapid changes in temperature & humidity will adversely affect Solid Wood furniture pieces and their overall integrity.

Hence, it is advisable to keep the Solid Wood furniture away from direct sunlight and cold winter nights. However, with advancements in technology and high-end manufacturing methods, several wooden pieces of furniture are available in the market that can survive different weather & climate changes.

Advantages of MDF

Difficult to flex or crack

Though MDF is an engineered wood, its structure is entirely different, so it is unsusceptible to warping or cracking. If you try to bend the MDF board, it will snatch, not wrap. The reason is that engineered wood is moisture-resistant compared to Solid Wood. However, if you keep it sinking in the water longer, it will be prone to damage.

If you expose the MDF board to airborne moisture, it will expand & contract as a whole. Due to its outstanding ability to withstand extreme humidity conditions, it keeps the overall integrity & shape of the MDF board.

Easy to paint and stain

One of the fantastic advantages of MDF is that it is straightforward to paint & stain compared to Solid Wood, as it doesn’t have a visible grain or texture. You can easily sand & prime without worrying about wood grain or knots ruining the MDF board surfaces.


Engineered wood is renowned for its economical pricing and being more cost-effective than Solid Wood. Also, you can easily find MDF surfaces, such as white oak & maple of particular sizes & shapes, readily available at local stores. It makes them an ideal choice for projects which requires larger wood pieces with no joints.

Best for Kitchen Cabinets

Engineered wood is a perfect choice for cabinet doors, as you will get a variety of styles, such as flat-paneled, euro-styled, inset, and raised designs. Several MDF boards are extra water resistant, making them highly favorable for Kitchen, TV, and Bathroom cabinets.

Disadvantages of MDF

  1. MDF is susceptible to scratches & dents, which can easily damage the furniture. Though sanding can be an alternative, it will expose its fiber material, keeping the scratches & dents permanent. Solid Wood is a better option, as minimal sanding will conceal the damage.
  2. MDF is heavier in weight than Solid Wood, as fitting a flat-pack kitchen cabinet will require more anchors & additional support during the wall-mounting of shelves & cabinets. Hence, many furniture designers use a mixture of MDF & Solid Wood for designing kitchen furniture to keep it balanced in weight & can withstand heavy weight.
  3. MDF is vulnerable to extreme heat, which can damage the core materials of engineered wood, making it beyond repair & rendering material entirely unusable. The reason is engineered wood is made out of wax and resin compounds. Hence, it is advisable to place MDF furniture away from fireplaces, kitchen stoves & ovens, heaters, radiators, and places where it can directly come in contact with heat & sunlight.


After reading the blog, you will be clear about the advantages & disadvantages of both MDF & Solid Wood. In reality, the selection between Solid Wood & MDF boils down to your preferences, whether you want aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, & expensive Solid Wooden Kitchen Cabinets or cost-effective MDF Cabinets.

Solid Wood can be customized, and you can opt for it if you want Customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets. If you want to give your kitchen a small facelift and prefer economical cabinets over visually appealing and sturdy cabinets, MDF is your primary pick over Solid Wood.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets made from scratch-resistant MFC (melamine-faced chipboard wood) to prevent scratches from being developed on the principal areas & edges, thereby keeping the radiant look lasting for a longer duration. Our Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are easier to maintain & clean.

You can wipe off the dust & dirt with a wet cloth and polish them without losing their original radiance. They are highly resistant to normal wear & tear, moisture, water, stains, spills, and several natural contaminants.

Shop our readymade Wooden Kitchen Cabinets online, and get them customized through a free project consultation. For any questions, feel free to contact us at +233 592221787 or email at info@44wood.com.


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