MFC vs. MDF: Which is the Best?

Several materials are available for manufacturing Kitchen Cabinets and various home furniture. Out of all, MFC & MDF stands out. Both materials are prominent in the manufacturing of Wooden Furniture. These two materials have their distinctive features, characteristics, and benefits.

Customers often get confused when selecting one from MFC & MDF. In this blog, we will walk you through the difference between both to help you make the best decision according to your requirements & needs.

What is MFC?

Melamine Faced Chipboard, abbreviated as MFC, is an Engineered wood product. It is made of resin & woodchips. Melamine is a thermosetting plastic applied to paper, which can be printed with a pattern to make it appear like wood. Melamine faces are glued to the chipboard to make it a finished product.

What is MDF?

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) contains recycled leftovers after solid wood cutting. And after that, fiber and resin are blended with the wax. MDF is more compact than plywood in terms of compatibility.

The advanced technology & high-end manufacturing methods have made MDF board’s durability outstanding, like natural wood.

Benefits of MFC


Melamine is renowned for its durability. It resists several factors, such as moisture, heat, stains, and spills. And this makes them highly preferred for manufacturing Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets and Home Furniture.

Its outer coating contains a compressed wood core, which makes it easy to clean. It is the perfect choice for wooden kitchen cabinet manufacturing because of its durable coating & quality.

Blends Exceptionally

Melamine is available in different colors, which makes them highly preferable as they can blend exceptionally with the wall colors & your home setup. Any design or color is possible with Melamine, such as wood tones & natural wood grains. Design & color is applied to the Exterior coating.

Splendid Finishing

MFC doesn’t require any finishing, as once the furniture is built, it doesn’t need additional treatment. However, solid wood & plywood furniture pieces require further treatment with little coatings, such as sanding between each layer.

Cost-Effective option

MFC is a cost-effective option in the long term, as the Manufacturing process of MFC is meticulously done with the latest technology, tools, and software. Homeowners don’t need to worry that MFC furniture pieces will wear out in the short run because kitchen cabinets & drawers made in solid wood style with MFC tend to last long & will keep the shine intact.

Benefits of MDF

Hard to flex and crack

Though MDF is technically made from wood, its composition is different. If you try to bend the MDF board, it will snatch, not wrap. Hence, engineered wood is preferable as it is moisture-resistant.

If you keep the MDF board in water, it will get damaged after some time. However, if you keep it in humid or airy temperatures, it will expand & shrink, maintaining the shape & overall integrity of the board, keeping it intact.

Less Emission

MDF plate & binder materials are produced at high temperatures & pressures to make natural resins. Hence, MDF is preferred safer as it emits lesser formaldehyde amounts when administered.

Easy to color & seal

Unlike MDF, engineered wood lacks grain & texture finishing. MDF is straightforward to paint & stain with sand without worrying about MDF board surfaces being affected. You can add grains & textures according to your tastes & preferences to MDF.

Ideal for Cabinets

MDF board offers interior & wooden furniture designers a choice for designing Kitchen, TV, and Bathroom Cabinets. They can pick from flat-panel, full or partial overlay, Euro-style, inset, and raised designs. Different types of MDF provide additional resistance to moisture & humidity, making it ideal for cabinet manufacturing.

Disadvantages of MFC

  • Melamine furniture weighs more than MDF & other furniture materials. It means you need to install robust hinges & drawer slides. It is recommended not to install & keep melamine hanging on lightweight hardware, as it can damage your cabinetry, drawers, and doors.
  • Melamine installation is challenging as melamine spilling will make the wood core compressed and more susceptible to moisture.
  • If Melamine furniture or board is splashed in the water, it will do more damage than MDF. Solid wood (MDF) absorbs lesser water compared to MFC. Melamine loses its structural integrity due to higher water absorption.
  • Melamine is manufactured by applying resin to the exterior part of compressed wood particles. It means any effect on the melamine surface can crack the exterior. It will require the replacement or refinishing of cabinets.

Disadvantages of MDF

  • MDF is highly susceptible to heat. It is recommended to keep MDF boards and furniture pieces away from fireplaces, ovens, stoves, heaters, radiators, and direct contact with sunlight.
  • MDF board & furniture can become stained from condensation from beverages & coffee cups, glasses, and bottles. And it is challenging to remove stains, unlike MDF.
  • MDF contains volatile organic compounds with Urea Formaldehyde, which can irritate the eyes & lungs when the furniture is new and recently installed.
  • MDF gets easily damaged from screws & nail penetration as it is a dense material. It can split the materials and damage the board & furniture.


After reading the blog, you will have fair comprehension of the benefits & disadvantages of both MFC & MDF. Both have their own sets of advantages & disadvantages. To summarize, MDF is the best option if you are looking for affordable cabinetry, which is easy to color & seal and offers decent durability.

But if you want imperial finishing cabinetry, which is highly durable, robust, and adds a captivating look to your kitchen & home space, then MFC is the perfect option.

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