It goes without saying that no two retail establishments are the same. So why do so many carpentry and design firms in Ghana create and develop spaces as if they were all the same? Shelving Design Systems tailors your design to your specific requirements and the space available to you. We provide custom retail and pharmaceutical shelving solutions for stockrooms, storage, your sales floor and end-to-end solutions are all available.

How We Can Assist

The big-box retail age is coming to an end. Our bespoke shelving solutions look outside, and beyond, the box, regardless of the size and shape of your area. When done properly, shelving is more than simply storage; each exhibit acts as a “little tale,” with the bigger container that is your business functioning as a method to display all of the action within.

Shelving Design Systems makes it easier to communicate such “tales.” Our unique solutions take into account your company’s practical problems, such as consumer behavior, loss prevention, and ADA compliance, while also considering how shelving complements your brand and its values.

While conventional retail and pharmacy shelving, such as the Madix shelving, we install in many layouts, still has a purpose, bespoke shelving operates in a different way. It’s not just tailored to your company, but it also helps you stay nimble and responsive.

Our clients

Shelving design, as Open Forum points out, is a mix of art and science. Because of our extensive expertise with a diverse range of clients, including pharmacies of all types and retail businesses of all shapes and sizes, we’re well-versed in the art and science. We realize that your customer-facing areas must be appealing, and that your back-of-house layouts (stockrooms, storage, and warehousing) must be designed with light, accessibility, and efficiency in mind.

Our custom shelving products

Our Shelf Design System’s in-house custom design and woodworking capabilities, unlike other shelving design organizations in Ghana, allow us to conceive, produce, and install any storage, sales, or entire store application you can imagine. It’s all feasible thanks to decades of combined experience and a strong creative energy.

Custom casework may frequently make the most of areas that might otherwise be wasted with standard, prefabricated fixtures. As a result, we begin with your space and combine your ideas with our extensive experience. What we create is one-of-a-kind and completely yours—there are no limitations.

We’re most recognized for our in-house built and engineered serpentine gondola, in addition to our innovative item displayed in wood. It may be assembled in hundreds of various ways, making it as adaptable as it is visually appealing.

How To Get Started with Our Custom Shelving Design

44 WOOD Shelving Design Systems creates custom shelving solutions for each business since they are all unique. We invite you to take advantage of our end-to-end shelf consultancy, design, manufacturing, and installation services. Your consumers will notice the difference.

Visit our Showroom or Book For a free design consultation, our engineers and designers are ready for you.

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