7 Benefits of Buying Wooden Furniture

7 Benefits of Buying Wooden Furniture_44 Wood

Wooden furniture is timeless, vintage, & classical. Woodwork has been appreciated for ages, and in the modern-day world, people are switching back to wooden furniture again for its aesthetically pleasing & spell-binding look. In this blog, we will walk you through the Top 7 Benefits of Buying Wooden Furniture, and after reading the benefits, you will be allured to buy Wooden Furniture.

Benefits of Buying Wooden Furniture

1. Durability

The first & foremost benefit of Wooden Furniture is its durability. Wooden Furniture has been renowned for ages for its durability.

Wooden Furniture crafted & manufactured from hardwoods like white oak, cherry, walnut, maple, and mahogany will retain its quality, appearance, & nature for countless years & generations despite heavy use.

On the other hand, softwoods tend to lose their quality, which can lead to complex factors like scratches, marks, stains, & more.

Hence, it is advisable to purchase Wooden Furniture crafted & manufactured from hard resins (wood) to enjoy longevity and durability. The more appropriately you maintain Wooden Furniture, the more longevity you will get, leading to a growing furniture value in the upcoming years.

At 44Wood, we sell the most durable Wooden Furniture in Accra, Ghana. Check out our range of Wooden Furniture.

2. Easy to Maintain

People believe Wooden Furniture is tough to maintain and involves heavy maintenance costs. In reality, Wooden Furniture is easy to maintain & has a lower maintenance cost.

At 44Wood, all our Wooden Furniture is resistant to complex factors such as moisture, water, stains, spills, & other natural contamination.

Our Wooden Furniture is manufactured using scratch-resistant MFC (melamine-faced chipboard wood) to prevent scratches on the principal areas & edges, thereby keeping the radiant look lasting for innumerable years.

You can wipe off any dust, dirt, stain, or spill, and your furniture will shine like a new one. It is pretty easy to maintain Wooden furniture.

If you are considering buying furniture, your first & last choice should be Wooden Furniture as it will save you an ample amount of maintenance cost & is easy to maintain for a longer duration.

3. Versatility

Wooden Furniture is versatile in nature. They can fit in any setup, be it showroom shelves, pharmacy shelves, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, tv units, wardrobes, beds, coffee tables, side tables, or desks.

Wooden Furniture materials & nature are the perfect furniture option for numerous setups. E.g., you can go for a rustic cherry or rustic walnut wood kitchen cabinet & wardrobes. You can opt for light white color wooden desks & light brown wooden color conference desks to match the professionalism of the workplace.

Whether you are living in a big city, small town, or small village, Wooden Furniture is the perfect furniture option for you because it blends well with all different types of ambience & places, making them the most Versatile choice of Furniture.

At 44Wood, we have different textures of Wooden Furniture meticulously crafted by the best Wooden Furniture designers in Accra, Ghana. If you want a minimalist texture, natural walnut is ideal for you. If you are a naturally darker color lover, you have darker textures to choose from. We have every texture for you, whether light, mild, or darker.

4. Sustainability

Wood is a sustainable & naturally renewable resource and doesn’t impact the environment, unlike plastic & petroleum composition furniture.

Wood absorbs carbon dioxide and can be recycled as a biofuel. Wooden Furniture consumes lesser fossil fuel energy than plastic materials furniture.

At 44Wood, all our Wooden Furniture is manufactured from Environment-friendly materials and doesn’t harm the environment. You can recycle our Wooden Furniture as a biofuel in the future for the best recyclability.

Buy Wooden Furniture from 44Wood and feel proud by using eco-friendly Wooden Furniture.

5. Amendability

Over the last two years, amendability/modification has been in trend in Wooden Furniture Industry.

People prefer modifying Wooden Furniture through painting, sanding, staining, & different form of art and shapes to give the furniture an ancient look and give a regal & imperial look to your home & workplace.

A simple work of art like sanding or staining can change the look of Wooden Furniture, making it look aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, metal, steel & plastic furniture doesn’t have this flexibility of modifying with the artwork. Wood gives you flexibility and responds exceptionally well to the modification & amendments that you make.

If you love redecorating & changing the style of furniture over time, then Wooden Furniture is the perfect choice for you.

6. Customization

We all have different tastes & want customization in different things, be it food, clothing, or Furniture. Wooden Furniture allows you customization, and you can get your Furniture manufactured & designed the way you want in terms of sanding, staining, dimensions, texture, color, materials, finishing, & other requirements.

E.g., Staining the Wooden Furniture will help you blend your Furniture with the room & kitchen setup. The staining will amalgamate with the Furniture’s original color & texture. Unlike other furniture materials, you will have the customization option for Wooden Furniture.

At 44Wood, we offer a customization option to our customers apart from the readymade Wooden Furniture available to shop online on our website. You can get your Furniture customized the way you want.

7. Distinctive finishing & texture

The best part about Buying Wooden Furniture is – that you can select from multiple textures options – light, mild, or dark.

In every piece of Wooden Furniture, you will notice the difference in wood: some are crafted from oak, some from walnut, cherry, and different hardwoods. You will feel the subtle variations in thickness & design and can sense that every piece of Wooden Furniture is distinctive.

Designers have the freedom to add different touches of art & shades of color to give customers exquisite ranges to select from. E.g., a metal desk will never give the royal & elegant touch like a Wooden Desk. And that is why Wooden Furniture craftsmanship & materials are highly appreciated & valued.


After reading the blog, you might have been familiar with Buying Wooden Furniture benefits and would be allured in buying Wooden Furniture. At 44Wood, we have a wide range of Wooden Furniture that you can shop online. You can walk-in into our showroom to check our furniture at Dzorwulu, Odotei Tsui Street, Accra, Ghana.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Wooden Furniture or want a quotation for customized Wooden Furniture.

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