The Essential Guide to Buying a Dining Table

Dining Table

Do you know people come together and create priceless memories while dining? Here is where dining tables become a must-have for households. It is important enough to warrant careful thought. These checkpoints can act as your compass when you’re feeling lost when considering to buy dining tables, helping you make the best decision.

1. Examine the content.

Selecting the appropriate material can be difficult, particularly when you have to carefully consider cost, maintenance, and style. These are some typical alternatives that you can think about when you’re thinking about your stuff.


You may undoubtedly assume that you and your dining table are here to stay. Consider a solid wood table (or at least legs, if you’re considering a different top finish) in Shisham, teak, rosewood, satinwood, pine, or any other native Indian or imported wood if you want something that will last a lifetime. Compared to artificial wood (such as plywood and MDF), solid wood is ultimately much stronger and more resilient.

Positives: Sturdy and simple to fix

Cons: Can exhibit wear and tear and expand and shrink in response to heat or humidity

costlier than other materials


There are numerous glass variations to choose from, including tinted and clear as well as frosted and stained options. Glass is a fantastic alternative if your room is already light-deprived to prevent adding to its lack of light. This will provide unhindered light penetration and brighten your entire space.

Positives: Affordable material for a tabletop can endure for decades if maintained properly.

Cons: Easily shows fingerprints and stains, and heat might cause it to chip or shatter.


Add more refinement to your area with tabletops crafted from stone materials like marble, composite, quartz, or cement. Usually, stone tabletop dining table requires frequent resealing and cleaning as they cannot keep up for more when stained accidentally.

Positives: Robust and enduring.

Cons: Highly porous and prone to absorbing stains can break or chip, and restoration is challenging. Marble and other more costly stones can be quite costly.


Laminates are typically applied as a decorative veneer over a core material, like plywood or MDF. These tables are usually the least priced, but their durability and longevity are also the lowest.

Positives: Low maintenance requirements tend to be stain-resistant.

Cons: Frequently thought to be of poor quality.


Due to its strong, durable, and long-lasting functionality, dining tables with metal bases are widely accepted. Further, it comes in various materials like brass, zinc, stainless steel, et cetera, and finishes like painted, plain, lacquered, et cetera.

Positives: Hard to harm, Cheaper than wood.

Cons: High sheen may make fingerprints and smudges visible. Needs specific cleaning equipment. Repairing painted metal that is damaged can be difficult.

2. Determine the room’s dimensions.

Keep in mind the fundamental principle: your dining table needs to fit your eating area. It’s crucial to account for not just the size of your table but also a minimum three-foot buffer around it (the more space, the better).

It makes sense to take into account the furniture’s esthetic impact in a certain area when looking to buy dining tables. Even while a table seems like it will fit in your room, once you bring it home, it can end up taking up too much room. Tape off the floor to the exact size of your dining table to visualize its visible weight. Next, construct a life-size pseudo-replica using the already-existing stools and tables to provide the impression of height.

3. Assess your needs.

What will be the function of your dining table? Will it dish up calm meals during family mealtimes or act as a means of entertaining guests and organising banquets? Furthermore, how many people will it usually host? You can then choose the shape of your dining table after you’ve responded to these queries.

Keep in mind that a quadrilateral dining table can accommodate just one person at a time on its two short sides. On the other hand, an elliptical or circular table can easily fit more seats around its smooth perimeter, which is a blessing if you have more guests than you anticipated for supper.

4. Select your spending plan.

Several aspects affect when you consider buying dining tables. These aspects include style, material selection, size of the dining table, craftsmanship level, and other variables. Do choose wisely after which aspects you’re looking for, to determine your spending plan. In this manner, if a table piques your interest and fulfils the majority of your requirements, you can make an informed decision if the majority of your requirements are satisfied.

If you’re looking for a deal, you may also search used furniture stores for a used item. Nothing is more resilient than a used hardwood table that has withstood numerous dings, spills, and stains and accepted them as natural elements of its timeless design. Such a table is perfect if you have small children who like setting the table as much as they do, and it may provide a charming, rustic feel to your space without breaking the bank. But keep in mind that authentically used solid wood tables are difficult to find, so be ready to walk to several stores before finding one you like.

5. Complement your style.

Prior considering to buy dining tables online, it is essential to evaluate the aesthetic and style of the furniture you have currently! However, it is crucial to choose a dining table that perfectly blends and complements your style. With a range of design options available such as shabby chic, classic, modern, and eclectic, one can ensure to make their dining table the center of attention.

6. Consider maintenance ease.

Want a dining table that requires less upkeep? In addition to giving materials like wood and glass top priority, consider how your piece is put together.

Examine the joints of your table by looking under it. While an excessive number of hooks and joints may indicate a shoddy construction, wood attached to wood is typically an indication of a solid build quality. You are in for a lesson in expensive maintenance if your table is wobbly or shows gaps in its joints.

7. Use color caution.

Using a colorful dining table to express your eclectic side is fantastic, but be careful not to overdo it with a color that could go out of style. A palette can go from being in style to out of style in a matter of years due to the rapidly changing decor trends. Primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—are a safe, straightforward choice if you’re a color enthusiast that will probably last and change with your design over time. Laminates and veneers are typically the only materials with colored finishes unless you want to paint a hardwood table that already exists.

8. Determine which sections are necessary.

Dining chairs are typically included with dining tables, but you might want to think twice about needing the complete set. Convert an underutilised wall into a one-sided booth and place chairs on either side of the table if you don’t need longer seating. In this manner, you’ll save a few dollars and make the most of the room while considering to buy dining tables online!

9. Consider if you actually need a dining table.

How often do you actually sit down to eat at your table? A dining table could be a dead investment if you’re single, like to eat in front of the TV, or anything in between.

Bottom Line

For creating a functional space, cherished gatherings, and a welcoming environment, selecting the right dining table becomes essential. One can easily make an informed decision with the assistance of the tips to buy dining tables online as shared in the above context.

Whether it’s a cosy family dinner or a festive celebration with friends, the dining table sets the stage for unforgettable moments and meaningful connections. With the insights gained from this essential guide, you’re equipped to embark on your dining table shopping journey with confidence and clarity, ensuring a centrepiece that will enhance your home for years to come. Do consider dealing with one of the best furniture manufacturers in Ghana like 44 Wood, contact us to book a free consultation on tips to buy dining tables online.

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