10 Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2024

10 Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2024
Last Updated: March 5, 2o24

The kitchen is a pivotal part of everyone’s home. It is a holy place that takes care of our body’s nutrients & calories and a gathering place where the family gets to spend quality time. A kitchen is a place with countless memories, and that is why meticulous attention must be invested in creating perfect kitchen cabinet designs.

In this blog, we will walk you through 10 Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2024, from which you can take inspiration for planning your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2024

1. Island Kitchen

If your kitchen counter space is large in dimensions, you should go for an Island kitchen. It increases counter space, offers additional storage for utensils & specialty tools, and additional seating options, creating a defined space in your open kitchen.

The island kitchen is one of the best kitchen cabinet design options to convert an L-Shaped kitchen into a U-Shaped one.

2. Marble Slab Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Give your kitchen an imperial & elegant look with marble slab designs Kitchen Cabinets & backsplash. It will give you a royal feel of marble in the form of an exquisite wooden finish.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized marble design wooden kitchen cabinets to give an opulent look & depth to your kitchen. The countertop adds a captivating ambience. Our Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are stain-resistant and easy to clean the marble slab.

3. Stone Slabs Kitchen Cabinets

After marble slaps, another elegant kitchen cabinet design you should go for is Stone Slabs Designs Kitchen Cabinets & Backsplash. Stone Slabs have dominated Kitchen Cabinets designs for ages, whether the countertop or backsplash, ceiling, flooring, or wrapping around the kitchen island.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized Stone Slabs Designs Kitchen Cabinets according to your requirements for drawers, shelves, & cabinets. Our Kitchen Cabinet designers will give your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets an exquisite touch of Stone Slabs, adding a royal look to your kitchen.

4. Not going for Upper Cabinets

If you want to make your kitchen ambience spacious and airy, go for No Upper Cabinets. Opting for lower drawers, shelves, and cabinets and keeping the upper area vacant will make your kitchen look visually empty and airy on the upper and windows end, making it look spacious and significant in dimensions.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized wooden kitchen cabinets by ensuring that all your requirements and needs are fulfilled of kitchen cabinets, drawers, and shelves on the lower side and keeping the upper end vacant for airy & spacious.

5. High Contrast Textures

You can add a chic look to your kitchen by playing with the combination of high-contrast colors. E.g., you can go with a mixture of white and brown wooden texture cabinets for your kitchen, adding a blend of light & dark combinations to your kitchen.

You can elegantly flaunt your kitchen. The white texture will give a royal look, and the forest dark/light brown wooden texture will add an exquisite touch.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets in high-contrast textures that blend exceptionally with your kitchen wall colors, dimensions, and exterior lighting.

6. Double Islands Kitchen

Double Islands is one of the most creative & wisest kitchen cabinet designs. You should go for this design to make your kitchen look visually spacious and significant in dimensions.

Having double islands means you can use one end for cutting vegetables, cooking & washing sink, and the other for eating (dining area). It is one of the most innovative & intelligent contemporary kitchen designs.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets to help you set up a double island kitchen.

7. Blue and Green texture Kitchens

If you are a nature lover, you should go for a mixture of blue & green textures Wooden Kitchen Cabinets. Shades of blues with green undertones add a sublime touch of refreshment and create a WOW factor.

The blue texture gives sky vibes, and green connects with nature. This combination of contrasting colors and deep hues gives a classical natural feel that rejuvenates your mood.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized color textures of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets according to your requirements & preferences.

8. Bold texture choices

Whether it is 2003 or 2013, or 2024, bold-textured kitchen cabinets will never run out of trends. The dark colors add an opulent & splendid touch to the kitchen.

Having bold textured kitchen cabinets means you don’t have to clean them often, as stains, scratches, dust, or dirt won’t be easily evident.

The bold textures are renowned for making the kitchen look sophisticated and plush. It will keep your kitchen cooler as it will reflect exterior heat.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture customized wooden kitchen cabinets in bold textures of our client’s requirements and preferences.

9. Blending with metalwork

Overstated hardware is a stylish kitchen cabinet design you should opt for in 2024. Integrating metalwork on wooden kitchen drawers, shelves, and cabinets will give your kitchen an imperial & luxurious look.

You can opt for thinner-style kitchen cabinet doors to add depth & exquisite detailing. At 44 Wood, we offer metalwork options with customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets and thinner-style cabinet doors according to our client’s requirements & needs.

10. Furniture Style Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most classical & timeless kitchen cabinet designs is furniture-style cabinets. You can customize the wooden kitchen cabinets according to your kitchen dining table, side table, and house other pieces of furniture. It will ensure a continuous flow of similar textures & patterns across the house, blending excellently with your home wall colors.

At 44 Wood, we manufacture a wide range of home furniture apart from kitchen cabinets. You can customize it according to your requirements & preferences to ensure similar furniture style texture across the house.


After reading the blog, you will comprehensively understand 10 Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2024. Every Kitchen Cabinet Design has its own advantages and will add a charismatic aroma to your kitchen. However, if you have any questions or want to go with any of the Kitchen Cabinet Designs in your kitchen, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you.

Being one of the top Wooden Furniture Manufacturers in Accra, Ghana, we have manufactured customized wooden kitchen cabinets for 100s of clients across Ghana. We have one of the best wooden furniture designers in Accra, Ghana, who are dexterous and will help design the best cabinets according to your requirements & preferences.

We understand your kitchen dimensions, wall colors, interior & exterior lighting, and needs. And accordingly, design Wooden Kitchen Cabinets. For any questions and to book a free project consultation, feel free to contact us.

We are available via call at +233592221787 or email at info@44wood.com. You can shop online from our readymade kitchen cabinet collection.

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